N200k Monthly From POS Business: 5 Ways To Start POS Banking

N200k Monthly From POS Business: 5 Ways To Start POS Banking: Using Point of Sale (POS) as a means of “debit and credit” transactions, is a business gaining ground all over. With mind-blowing profits, the Pos business is seen as a mini-bank, where you either get or deposit cash, buy or pay for goods and service at ease

Many people are yet to tap the potential in the POS agency banking system available, not only is it lucrative but also very easy and convenient to set up

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How To Set-Up A POS Agency Banking 

Setting up an agency banking is not as cumbersome as one may think, there is a procedure to be followed before one can be authorized with Using Point of Sale (POS) machine:

  1. First, the applicants must contact his/her bank
  2. Table his/her request on the need of Point of Sale (POS) Machine in form of letter requesting for Point of Sale (POS) machine as agency banking staff
  3. Fill the mandatory forms that will be giving
  4. Wait for approvals

Once the above have been met, the applicant’s bank will do some necessary checks and balances, investigations and conclusions

If the request is granted, the Rules and Regulations, Terms and Conditions will be given to the applicants starting clearly, how to maintain the gadget, charges involved and all needed for proper set


Setting up Point of Sale (POS) Agency Bank involved other processes as stipulated banks, different banks with different rules, but at the end of the day, applicants get the license to operate on that platform 

How To Run A POS Agency Banking 

Running a POS Agency Banking is one of the most lucrative and promising thing to do as 2021 is concern. There are many ways to run the business, we will show you how to run it as a starter with little to no income

The first thing to do after getting the license to operate a POS Agency banking platform, is to spot a strategic location like Markets, Busy Streets, Parks, Hotels, Joints or Restaurants, Offices, Worship Centers, etc

  • Get a Catching Name for your POS Agency Banking
  • Set up a small kiosk or a little roof on your head,
  • Get a banner; displaying all services you can render which will encompass receiving and making payment
  • Get a safe in keeping cash, before depositing same in the Bank

It is very important to know how to handle cash, not giving in to the hands of rubbers at any point in time.

For safety reasons, it is good to site your POS Agency Banking in an open area, or close to security outpost

Earning From POS Agency Banking 

After setting and running up a POS Agency Banking, the next thing to earn from it. Charges are made based on the volumes of transactions.

In most cases, charges are fixed, one is advised to contact fellow operators to know how prices are fixed

At start, profit will be small and slow, but as the business grow old, and people, passerby get to know your services, it will be a mind-blowing profit venture

Get on your fit and locate your bank on how to get the POS Agency Banking machine now, and be a beneficiary of this great innovation and invention of our time


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