Perfect Relationship For 2021: Top 10 Factors To Be Successful

Perfect Relationship For 2021: Top 10 Factors To Be Successful: Relationship could be hard to maintain when both partners are yet to understand the basics needed, not only will there be quarrel and misunderstanding, but the possibility of hurting one another is certain  

In 2019, the numbers of heart breaks and breakups in relationship doubled in the UK and almost tripled in the US, the numbers are swelling as the years goes on

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There are many factors responsible for breakups among young minds in the regarding male and female relationship in the US, it goes from lack of Trust, Cheat, Lies, Finances Issues, Lack of Good Communication, the list goes endless

In today’s world, there is need for the male and female relationship to be firm, trust worthy, full of good communication, and devoid of Lies and Cheat

In this article, we will explain some factors that can promotes good and healthy male and female relationship both the UK and US

The Factor of Constant Communication


This account for more than 2% increase in breakups in 2019 alone, many relationships suffers from communication lapses, either of the partners don’t communicate their Intentions, Feelings, Motives, Actions, Thoughts, etc in a right channel, hence misunderstandings ensued

Not to talk of far distant relationship, where communication is done online, posing risk of many factors to both partners. Sometimes, far distant relationship may not be healthy for relationship, as both partners may not have the time to examine their weaknesses and perfect them

Summary-For any relationship to work, there must be proper and constant relationship on the both partners

The Factor of Trust

Trust is the very foundation for a healthy relationship, a relationship will not stand, if there are no trust within the both partners

And by trust, the both partners are must be sincere to one another, preventing all elements that may cause untruthfulness.

In the UK and US, trust issues is a strong factors, that many relationship lacks, leading to breakups and sudden end of long time relationships

Summary- Relationship must thrive to be trustworthy for effect and healthy relationships

The Factor of Finance 

Some relationship may have financial issues if the Man is always the giver, entitlement mentality from the females folks should be discourage for a healthy, better and fruitful relationship

Same applies to a Man, he should always conforms to the reality of his financial level. When both partners agree on how their finances, issues relating to breakups or heartbreaks will minimize

Summary-Finance determine the sweetness, healthiness, and comfort in relationship only when it is understood 

Involving the Almighty God in Relationship

Just like what the holy book says, he that finds a wife, finds a good thing and obtain favor from the highest God, that being said, God himself support a healthy relationship that leads to marriage

And anything God has joined together, let no man put asunder. So, involving God in your relationship is a perfect way to win all devices of the devil

Since he is the Beginning and the End, God understand every relationship, and has a way of making it a reality (marriage)

Summary-When God in involved in your relationship, you can go to bed with your two eyes closed.

Cheating and Lying

Man fell in the Garden of Eden due to the lies Satan dished out to Eve, for any relationship to stand, it must be devoid of lies and cheat, and both partners should endeavor to speak the truth as it is

Cheating should any be discouraged, it should not come near both partners. A Man and a woman in a relationship must discipline themselves for a healthy relationship

Many hearts were broken, relationships crumbled due to cheat and lie from either of the partner, thereby making a relationship unhealthy for both

 Summary-Cheating and lying in relationship must be discouraged, speaking the truth is key to a healthy and Godly relationship

Being Patient and Tolerant in Most Cases

Since both parties are from different background, many differences are bound to manifest, both patience and tolerance will change the tide of event quickly

Relationship that leads to marriage is never a bed of roses, “it is like a proverbial snake, whose house in on fire but pretends or choses to be less concern”. Patience and tolerance is a virtue all must embrace

Most breakups in relationships are as a result of inadequate patience and tolerance from either the male or female partner

By being patient, partners understand each other, perfect weaknesses and strengthen bonds

Summary-At a time when there are different, attitudes, views and opinions, only patience and tolerance will salvage the situation 

Submissiveness of the Female Partner is Key

A woman is never a weaker vessel, she is a pillar of support and care. Which make her a decision maker in a relationship. But must be submissive to her male partner, this is because, it was in Adam’s ribs came Eve

A relationship tends to last and often leads to marriage, when the female folk, in all honesty, without pretends or hypocrisy, and in total humility, submit to her man

When this happen, the man feels like a king and bow to all good demands and advice from his female partner. A woman must submit to her male counterpart, the holy bible says

Summary- Submissiveness of a woman to a man, is key for a perfect, fulfilling and health relationship

A Man Must Love His Female Partner Unconditionally

Just a female partner submit to the male partner for a happy, healthy and sound relationship, the Male partner must love his half with all his Might, Mind and Body

When this happened, there won’t be any form of discontent, disunity, disloyalty or maliciousness in a relationship

Loving the female partner is key to a perfect relationship, by love, it should be devoid of hate, but more of patience, kindness, humbleness, slow to anger and enduring all things

 Summary- Loving the female partner is key to a perfect relationship, by love, it should be devoid of hate, but more of patience, kindness, humbleness, slow to anger and enduring all things


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