How To “Move On” After A Breakup From A Failed Relationship

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How To “Move On” After A Breakup From A Failed Relationship: Not all relationships are successful, while others may succeed and lead to marriage between a male and a female, some may lead to heart breaks! A scenario that leads to depression and anxiety

There are many failed relationships, some of the parties involved are finding it difficult to move-on with their lives, thus leading to emotional pains, post-traumatic disorder, and even suicide  

The worst aspect of a failed relationship, is when a partner, either male or female, invested a lot of Time, Finance, and Great Sacrifices to pleased and make the other comfortable, but situation turned south

Many find it hard to let go, some seek revenge, redress through different means, causing havoc to themselves, other allow the Almighty to have it course


There are many factors have ignite a failed relationships in most cases, some may be lack of Love, Inadequate Communication, Finance, Selfishness, Greediness, Lust, Bad Habit, lack of Education and so on

In an event of a failed relationship, how do both sides Move-on with their lives? Was it perversity to seek redress in a competent Court of law? What hope lies in secrecy if both partners had some engagements?  

This article spell-out some solutions on how to move-on in an event of a failed relationships

Give Yourself A Break after A failed Relationship


Relationship is like a “clay pot”, when it breaks, it becomes hard to mend, And even when it is mended, trust becomes an issue, guilty lingers in the memories of the victim

“Oh I am no longer interested in this relationship, lets breakup”-A common happening in the 21st century between men and women of young minds.

 The first thing to do after a failed relationship is to give yourself enough time to recover from the shock and trauma.

Not everyone has shock absorber, but the best beat is to give your self-time, go on a long break, so that memories of the past will not linger

Time as it is being said, heals all wounds, giving yourself time after a breakup might be a medicine to mend a broken heart  

Understanding What Led To The Break-Ups

Even after giving oneself time to recuperate, one must understand the circumstances that led to the break up. Understanding what happened, how it happened, is key to prevent future occurrence

According to Benjamin Franklyn, “success didn’t come without challenge, mistakes, and in a few cases failure”

When one fails, it only makes him stronger, same person get experience in making sure that, future don’t go same way. Understanding why a relationship failed is key to preventing new relationship

 Learn From The Failed Relationship

Understanding what led to the break-up is never enough, but learning from it secure even better future relationship

A man/woman who learn from a failed relationship hardly repeat same mistake, this will help position the mind set when ones starts the process gain.

Learning from a failed relationship also entails being cautious in finding the right answers to lingering problems and issues from the previous relationship

And it is also key to a perfect future relationship one would imagine of. According to searchquote “Failures, nevertheless, are the stepping stone to success”- when we learn from our past failures, we become successful.

Give Yourself Reasons Why You Start A New Relationship

Time is the time when one starts getting all the needed courage to start a fresh relationship,

One cannot rule out facts, to start a new relationship. As life is not static, so we must always move on with the tides of time.

A man/woman cannot stay alone, the system is not designed that way, and there must be a union between two persons, to become husband and wife.

If this is so, one must continue with a relationship that lead to a union between a man and a women to become one

Such a reason, is more than enough to start a new relationship, even if previous relationships failed

Start A New Relationship

After all the aforementioned, the chances of starting and maintaining a new, healthy and prosperous relationship is high, there is all probability of getting it all right this time around with less effort

This will be a face-lift from previous relationship, at this time, both partners will take all precautions to make sure it works, and workout well

“Don’t be afraid to try something. If it fails, you can always try again and again until you succeed.”-Sonya Parker


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