Covid-19 Vaccine: Nigeria Ready to receive 100,000 Pfizer vaccine.

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Covid-19 Vaccine: Nigeria Ready to Receive 100,000 Pfizer Vaccine: Ever since the Coronavirus broke out, Medical Organizations have made numerous efforts to find a cure. Finally, after many efforts, a vaccine has been found and it has started to spread across the globe. Nigeria is also in the race to get the Pfizer vaccine into the country to administer to its citizens.

It is expected that about 100,000 doses of the vaccine would enter the country in February. The Pfizer vaccine is very fragile and has a lot of challenges in transportation and administration.

There are a few challenges that are concerned with this vaccine which makes it very difficult to handle. The Pfizer vaccine has to be kept at very low temperatures and that is a major issue because Nigeria has the problem of interrupted power supply.

The vaccine has to also be transported at low temperatures so cooling cars have to transport the vaccine.

It is also a big issue to transport it to rural areas because of lack of power supply and centers to hold the vaccine.

The country is adequately preparing to acquire the Pfizer vaccine but it is not an easy task because of the special facilities that are needed to house the drugs.

Here are a few measures that should be put in place before Nigeria gets the vaccine into the country:

Facilities should be built to contain the vaccine. The necessary facilities that can hold the vaccine should be put in place to prevent the vaccine from getting destroyed.

The facilities should also be placed in locations that will enable people to access them easier. Transportation means should be provided for easy movement of the vaccine. Cooling vehicles should be made available to transport the vaccine to all the necessary locations.


The government is trying to put in place all these measures to bring the vaccine into the country and we should expect it to enter soon.


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