How To Move On After Being Sacked: 5 Tricks That Work

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How To Move On After Being Sacked: 5 Tricks That Work: Most of the jobs we find ourselves doing lack job security. Many employed persons have been fired, many more are will get fired, this is not a prophecy but a reality that is bound to happen any time soon

Nothing is certain under the sun, no matter how hard working one is in an organization, one can still get sacked as the economy is not certain

The covid-19 pandemic is a good example of the scenario that got many lay off from their place of work without wrong doing

In the US, more than 20 Million persons were unemployed after the first wave of the covid-19 pandemic, 22 million persons applied for Federal relief package, to stay a life within the period


It is even twice the number in Asia, Africa and Europe. Many companies and businesses were forced to closed as the world ran for safety

Apart from the pandemic, the world economy is going south, a situation many third world countries find hard to cope with.

People are sacked in their places of work on a daily basis, some become destabilized, and the fear of how to settle bills comes in

Few cases of suicide have been reported regarding persons sacked from their places of work. This articles will guide sacked employee on how to move on, in case of any eventuality like sack 


Giving Your Self Time- Three to Four Weeks Break

After being sacked from your place of work, a lots of thought set in. The thought of anxiety, suicide, how to settle bills, and so on.

Chill-up, many have gone through that same line and came out successful, far better than they were

Life is not static, it goes on and on. After being sacked, the first thing to do is to give yourself enough time to recuperate.

Take a month break, travelled, rest and don’t remind yourself of things that have happened  

Worst scenario only makes one stronger, and makes one a manufacturer of ideas, and ideas when applied appropriately produce great results

Never view yourself as being unlucky or witch hunted, but see a new and happy beginning coming, see new opportunities and new challenge

Cut Or Reduce Your Expenses

Since income will not be coming as usual after being sacked, the next line of action is to reduce or cut cost of unnecessary expenditures

Prioritize your expenditures, only item of primary importance should be financed at this time.

The truth is, losing your job can be so depressing especially when you have so much responsibilities. Imagine a dad with kids, wife plus his siblings,

And you are told “your services are no longer needed “, this alone can make a man go mad, not to talk the hash economy we find ourselves

Reducing your cost will be a plus to your financial freedom, when income has temporally ceased

Generating Life Changing and Reshaping Ideas

This is where the journey starts, a sacked employee should starts coming-up with ideas to beat the tides.

A challenged mind will love to prove a negative situation wrong, by springing-up ideas on where, how, and when to hit the ground running

Ideas on what to do, how to do and when to start something comes in. Gradually, one gets to forgets memories of the previous jobs. Starts thinking of what to do, that will get your fit on the ground running

Take-up   A Transitional Job

A transitional job of either part time or full time will help you get busy, not only will it put some cash in your pocket, but will also help in forgetting previous memories of hurt and guilt

Transitional Jobs like freelance, liberal, home tutor, are perfect examples of jobs whose income could measure up with one’s previous jobs. 

A transitional Job will may set the space for a long time job, one may find a permanent job in the cause of doing a menial job

Also connection, work experience, may favor one when an opening sets-in

Prepare Yourself For Greater Opportunity

At this juncture, there is need to prepare yourself for bigger opportunities will might take you by surprise. Since the experience is already there, any slight opening should be meted by a well-structured CV

If you are sacked or asked to stop your job. It does not translate or mean you are not good enough. Go find your niche. Perhaps, it could be a redirection for a bigger cause.

Never for any reason accept the silly thoughts of not being good enough, create your path. Have a growth mindset. The world is waiting for your manifestation.

Invest or Learn a Skill

One problem we always have is, we hardly invest while we were working, you see amazing opportunities and you think your salary is God to you.

Learn to invest. Your salary is a seed. No job has security. If one had an investment or skills, the investment or skills gotten maybe the “surviving grace” since people don’t want to work and answer “sir” in this 21st-century economy the world is in  


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