How to Check Npower NEXIT CBN Loan Training Shortlist 2021

Many batch A and B volunteers have been asking how to check the list of volunteers for the Npower NEXIT CBN Loan Training, batch A and B volunteers seek to know the commencement date and the how-to participate actively in the loan programme ostracised by the Apex Bank

There exist a plethora of questions regarding the Npower NEXIT Training Shortlist of Selected Candidates, we will try to give simple and concise answers regarding the above subject

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Let us clear some facts, the Npower NEXIT CBN Loan Training is days from now, within few days, an official statement from the Humanitarian Ministry will come on air

390,000 volunteers of Batch A and B will be thoroughly trained, the aim of this training is to ensure that, volunteers put to use funds that will be given to them for judicious use. About 109,000 volunteers are already doing well in business  

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The training will also help volunteers come up with business skills worthy of funds, mind you, NEXIT loan should not be used to sponsor current expenditures but will be used to fund business


Check Npower NEXIT CBN Loan Training Status for 2021

To know your status:

You must belong to either batch A or B

You must have registered and show your interest in the Nexit programme by registering in the web portal-


Only shortlisted candidates will be contacted through SMS or mailed.

If you did not receive any mail or SMS then you have not been selected.

Kindly exercise a little patience.


The NExit Portal has been closed.

It will be opened again for selected candidates to make some changes to their profiles.

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