Graduates are working just to stay alive. See

The Pains of Npower Graduates who Earn Less than Corps Members: A graduate, Mike okobi, said he lost a N120, 000 monthly salary job in 2016 from a private company because he felt the npower  programme would absorbed him after the two years contract

To make ends meet, he said he had to take the npower job job in Port Harcourt, Rivers State, in 2016, earning 30,000 naira less than N33, 000 per month for Corp members. See

He said, “Initially, I was not going to take up any job less than N100, 000. I thought to myself, ‘How could I lose a job of N120, 000 and then take up one less than N100, 000?’

“Could you imagine I once got a job of N50, 000 but I turned it down because I felt it was not up to government Job? But as time went on and no other job was forthcoming, I became desperate. I now work as a Nteach volunteer with a monthly pay of N30, 000. It’s ridiculous but I need to stay alive as I hope for better things to come.”

Zanaib Maikano, 27, in Jos State, said she had been earning N30, 000 per month working as an N-Health volunteer. See

She said, “The work is strenuous and the pay is not encouraging but where is the job? I once got employed by an insurance company and they branded me a marketing executive. I was happy as I just completed NYSC programme and I thought it was a great offer.

“I didn’t know the word ‘executive’ added no meaning to my title. I thought the pay was big and I would be chauffeur-driven like a real executive. We even did thanksgiving in my home when I was given the employment.


“But behold, when I resumed at the job, I was placed on commission. I and my colleagues walked several miles per day under the hot sun looking for clients. But I never got any. I quit after two or three months when life was taking its toll on me. Later, I got a job as an N-health Volunteer. But the pay is low.”

King Nwosu couldn’t get a job with his bachelor’s degree in physics, so he took up the  Npower job  in Abuja, earning N30,000 monthly.

“What have I got to do when I searched everywhere for a job but got none? I had to take up the N30, 000 job but I know this is not my final destination. I will keep searching for a better job and I know it will come,” he said.

A Call on Government to Permanent Volunteers

Some Npower volunteers left their lucrative and well paid private jobs just to be part of the Federal Government Npower Project of changing the lives of Nigerians


But recent happenings in the corridors of powers shows a different ballgame entirely, there are plans to disengage volunteers, the government have been dishing out disengagement news to “test the waters lately”

If these men and women returned to the street helpless, the problem of unemployment and crime will be disastrous

The National Bureau of Statistics (NBS) once disclosed that, unemployment has almost tripled within three years, from 12 per cent in 2015 to 30 per cent in 2018.

The Government should fund the programme, it should be recognized by law of the country with legal backings

 Npower Graduates are crying and calling on the government to permanent them


  1. Email: [email protected].
    Well said and reviewed….. Fellow Colleagues of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, TI’s worrisome to acknowledge the fact, so soon, about the gross negligence of the federal Government towards npower beneficiaries.
    Patriot’s, please and please, let us pursue our plea with amiable decorum and constitutional preview, so as to keep our sanity and order of immunity, as working documents, which we really are……. I think they are pushing us to the wall, just to test and checkout our ability of tolerance and absorption, during this two years period of our training.

    All Hail the federal Republic of Nigeria,
    Hail the Federal Government,
    Hail the president of the Federal Republic of Nigeria,
    President Mohammedu Buhari (GCON)
    Hail the vice President,
    Prof Yemi Osinbanjo
    Hail the Minister of Human Affairs, Disaster Management and Social Developmen,t.
    Hajia Ruquyat Farouque Umar
    Hail Fellow Compatriot of the npvn Beneficiaries.


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