FMARD: 14 Steps To Be Successfully On-boarded and Paid (Pictures)

QUICK! Check your mail to see if you meet the First Batch of Enumerators Onboarding

Enumerators Onboarding List Batch1.


Congratulations on successfully completing our tests.


  • By now you should have received your engagement letter directing you on the next steps.
  • If you are yet to upload your Passport Photo and Identification don’t worry, you can still do so on the ODK App, during your onboarding survey.
  • Complete your onboarding process on the device you will be using for the final capture by following the steps below:
  • Download the User Guide here Ensure you complete all the steps in the user guide.
  • Configure
  • The ODK App as instructed in the User Guide.
  • Survey-Download and complete these three (3) survey forms

Enumerator Onboarding Form

  • Practice Survey Form – Practice by completing a few.
  • National Agricultural Assets Survey Form



Start enumerating farmers using the National Agricultural Assets Survey Form. This is the survey that will be paid for. See

FMARD: 14 Steps To Be Successfully On-boarded and Paid (Pictures)


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