Nexit: CBN is Partnering with NIRSIL MFB on Loan- Sadiya on NTA News

Nexit: CBN is Partnering with NIRSIL MFB on Loan- Sadiya on NTA News: The Minister of Humanitarian Affairs, Disaster Management, and Social Development Umar Sadiya Sfarouq has once again plead with all disengaged volunteers to exercise maximum patient on the Exit CBN loan programme

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In an interview with NTA Network News, the Minister claimed, the Federal Government is poised to give the youth the needed support to succeed 

She said, the Central Bank of Nigeria Is partnering with NIRSAL MICROFINANCE BANK to Target loans needed by volunteers, repayment plan, how much will be disbursed and the take-off  time

According to her, it is CBN via the NIRSAL MICROFINANCE BANK that Implements the FG loans to its target audiences. Programmes such as the Survival Fund, Nigeria Youth Investment Fund, and others are anchored by the CBN


“we will disburse One Billion Naira in the first tranche of payment to volunteers, while other disbursements will follow as volunteers register their interest via the nexit portal”

All disengaged volunteers are to be patient, the CBN and Federal Government will in due time, instruct the youths on the way forward,

In her response, she said, “we will are on the final stage of the loan plan, all arrangement is on point to empower over 500,000 volunteers with CBN loans needed to pursue volunteers’ cause”

Umar Sadiya Farouq reaffirmed the Federal Government position to disburse adequate funds for the commencement of the Nexit CBN loan programme


Fund has been budgeted and in due time, each volunteer would get a minimum of 300,000 depending on the businesses volunteers would present, disbursement would starts, the statement added

The minister also encouraged all volunteers not registered on the Nexit platform to do so, as further instructions will be communicated on the status of the portal

Similarly, disengaged volunteers of the Npower programme would embark on a peaceful demonstration on the 8th of March 2021, to remind the government of her promises

Volunteers would also be requesting for five months owed stipend to more than 14,000 beneficiaries If this goes according to plan, the credibility of the Federal Government regarding the Exit CBN loan would be questioned- A scenario the government might be shamed on.  Already, people are casting doubt on the FG positions


  1. Hon. Minister, u cant stop us from what we have already make our mind on, we have already give u enough chance to fulfil our promise, but u later failed, i pity ur life. U just be person that have God fearing physically but internally u are an evil woman allah ya USA mana


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