I’m Not Heartless; I’ve signed March Stipends – Sadiya Bows to Pressure

Hope rekindled as March stipends in signed and payment to starts within the week.

I’m Not Heartless; I’ve signed March Stipends – Sadiya Bows to Pressure: After Much protest and names calling, the Minister of Humanitarian Affairs, Disaster Management and Social Development, Madam Umar Sadiyat farouq finally bows to external and internal pressure

It is worthy to mention that, volunteers have used key social media platform to pressured the Minister of Humanitarian Affairs, Disaster Management and Social Development, Madam Umar Sadiyat farouq to pay March stipends

Mr Afolabi has also begged volunteers to remain patient as payment will be made after the Easter Holiday, citing little challenge for the delay. see https://myeduproject.com.ng/npower-hope-rekindled-as-rep-moves-for-permanency-of-all-volunteers

In a televised speech released during weekend holiday in Abuja, the Humanitarian and Social Development Minister Blamed Numerous procedures that must be followed before money is released

The battered Hajiya Umar Sadiya Farouq blamed verification process and procedures as one of her challenge in the ministry, which is the main cause of the delay, citing plenty of verification procedures that must be followed before payment is triggered

Volunteers have started calling her ‘heartless and cancerous.” Her nonchalant attitudes to the plight of Npower volunteers had gained the ground all over; many took to her twitter page in protest hurling and throwing tantrums and ill-mannered words at the honorable minister


I’m Not Heartless; I’ve signed March Stipends – Sadiya Bows to Pressure

Many Volunteers alleged that, since they brought in Hajiya Umar Sadiya Farouq to pilot the activities of the National Social Investment Programme, things became even worst and deals become shady

This allegation can go a long way mocking the integrity of the President and APC manifestoes towards Job creation and Sustenance. See https://myeduproject.com.ng/npower-umar-sadiya-heartless-and-cancerous-volunteers-voiced-out  

In this perilous covid-19 pandemic,  Volunteers were left to surfer more even while their stipend is due, the total lockdown experienced in some states  come without warnings and Hajiya Umar Sadiya Farouq abandoned volunteers sheepishly-Volunteers

In one of the comment made by a protesting Volunteer, Hajiya Umar Sadiya Farouq was described as a Cancer and must be SURGICALLY removed before NSIP can see any meaningful development


Another volunteer “@acheseogbeinbia,” described Sadiya as biblical Pharoah,  “This must be the Pharaoh against Npower volunteers. A cancer growing speedily affecting 36 states of Nigeria. A mother without heart. A mother without feelings. A mouth piece without speaker. A venomous snake on a federal tree. Who always making it an habit of not paying

Immediately after her statement, volunteers vow to continue protest and calling on all higher authorities to find a way to end these constant and unnecessary delays. See https://myeduproject.com.ng/fg-explains-delay-in-stipends-payment-blamed-verification-process


  1. We actually knew that you always try as much as u can.and be assured that god will make something tangible to u.we still prayed for u may God bless you in each an every steps u takes in ur journey.may the lord of mercy make everything u decided to do to be achieved in a successful and easier,with alot of blessings in the matter.keep on moving god is following each steps u take.

  2. Comment:The honourable minister doesn’t know her job.During Osinbanjo’s time, was there no verification process? He did pay as when due.Collaborate with him to teach you the tactics he was using.
    If this repeats,your removal will be the solution.

    • She has “I dont care style of leadership” that is laissez-faire Style of leadership.. She hands-off everything for her staff to handle, even if shes needed she dont care..
      We dont need delegative type of leadership… We want a concern performance nd Democratic leadership..

  3. Just an excuse…Is she saying the former person in charge of NSIP did not went through these procedure those days we do receive alert on the last day of the month

  4. Npower creative has not received and stipend for 3 months now…
    April will make it 4 months…

    It’s totally unfair and wrong…

    I do not regret and words people say

  5. That said and done, N-Power Creative (I.e N-Creative) that was in BIU, Edo State last July-August. The stipends had been having hiccups since last October and now, the hiccups had taken the lives of the stipends since January. I mean, N-Creative has not been receiving stipends since January, 2020. I mean, is N-Creative no more amongst N-Power? If Madam Sadiya Umar is really a good person and a good mother, is she suppose to feed some children and and leave the others to go hungry. She signed that of N-Tech, N-Build, N-Teach and others, what is going wrong with N-Creative Stipend? Please, take a review of this complaint and sign the N-Creative January-March stipends. We are part of citizens and we are hungry too. We need some money to keep bodies and souls together during and after the National/Worldwide luck down. Thank you ma’am and God bless you ma’am.


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