Family Celebrates Son After Successfully Applying for NPOWER Program

Family Celebrates Son After Successfully Applying for NPOWER Program: Nigerian Youths and the teeming unemployed set of persons in Nigeria have been on the internet since the 26th of June 2020 trying to apply for this poverty alleviation program known as N-Power.

Many people have gone to the length of not being able to sleep late nights just to register for this Program, and many have run into the hands of fraudulent elements who are like predators waiting for their preys online.


This was why the family of this young man named Comr. Yakubu Ndanusa has surprised everyone and made a poster as it is called or a billboard to celebrate their son who registered successfully for this program, I know you are laughing now.

On the poster as you can see it reads congratulations on your N-Power registration, and this has caused reactions online.


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