Christian Songs We Might Have Been Singing Wrongly 

Christian Songs We Might Have Been Singing Wrongly : There are songs you must have been singing throughout your younger years only for you to be informed that you’ve been singing the wrong words all along.
As a Christians while growing up we were accustomed to a lot of Christian songs.

Often times we hear wrongly the words to some of our favourite songs and at other times we repeat the lyrics we’ve heard from others and continue singing the wrong lyrics for ages.

The following are the top songs on my list :

Osingo singo, praise the Lord:
Someone must have invented this sweeter version which sounds ‘better’ than the original one. The person must have thought the original version was boring and as such decided to give it a nice touch.

The right thing is, ‘ O sing my soul and praise the Lord’ .

With thanksgiving, as we are living, sanctuary, for you :
This is another song that people have invented their own version. The correct version is, ‘ With thanksgiving, I’ll be a living, sanctuary, for you’ .

We go hey, hey your name debade all the way:
This is one of the gospel songs that people have invented their own version. The appropriate words are “We go dey hail, hail your name, day by day all the way”.


The most Excellency is Jesus :
This is a very popular Nigerian song sang mostly by Christians. However, unknown to them, they have been singing it wrongly.

The original lyrics is, ‘ the most excellent king is Jesus ‘.


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