All Beneficiaries have Saved and Started Business-Junaid oluwaseun (TVC). See

All Beneficiaries have Saved and Started Business-Junaid oluwaseun (TVC): Junaid oluwaseun is a N-power volunteers who was granted an interview with TVC news, according to him every beneficiary has saved and started business

He spoke on TVC, claiming Npower beneficiaries have no case with the Government, there is no need to agitate for permanency, but others should be given similar opportunities. See

 Batch A and B have all saved money, they have started viable businesses; thus, employing others- Junaid oluwaseun TVC

Beneficiaries have taken to social media debunking his claim

Reactions from Batch A and B Volunteers

“How can an ordinary beneficiary earning just 30k have access to be granted an interview in a television station like TVC if not crystal clear that he is being sponsored by these evil and Satan antics to act their script in order to remain in control of their evil.

 How much did he have to sponsor himself to be granted an interview on behalf of beneficiaries if not that those power that be are behind his sponsor?


Why is it that he is coming up to display this high level of treachery on the early morning of the same day that all volunteers all over the nation are already gathering for Nationwide protest?

Is it not to rubbish these volunteer’s sincere effort who want to speak the minds of beneficiaries on real situation of things on ground concerning this Npower program and label them “lazy youths”?

But it’s unfortunate for him because he didn’t act the script well It’s a shame that a youth like his type could easily sold his conscience to the devil and try to play on the intelligence of many beneficiaries who had sincerely given out their best and should in turn deserve a better compensation from the government as a reward for true patriotism.

Well, he will surely reap the reward of discord and treachery which he just sown today”-Abubakar Fatima


All Beneficiaries have Saved and Started Business-Junaid oluwaseun

I believe he is bribe or he is not one us because it a true beneficiary that will feel the pain and struggles of fellow beneficiary- Oguine Simon Izuchukwu

The guy has been paid to sabotage the efforts of the beneficiaries thereby causing confusion in their camp…And i say to all beneficiaries stand up and counter every move by the enemies…I stand by you guys…

Just look at this nation… Nothing is moving… Nothing is working… Good things they say does not last…Most laudable programs of government are being sabotaged and there are people reaping from it…

Beneficiaries enough is enough…Stand your ground…If there is no action…There is no reaction… Whatever good or bad one sows he/ she must reap… Beneficiaries keep sowing good…You guys are not just fighting for today nor for yourselves but collectively for youths of this great nation…

 President, governors, senators, rep members, Ministers all the mighty men of valor. We shall all meet at the judgement throne of Almighty God…If you guys like do the needful…If you like do what you prefer…But surely you all will account for pains you have caused the nation and it’s citizenry…He who has ear… Let him hear- Batch A volunteer


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