Waec 2020: 5 Crazy Reasons Why Results  Withheld/Cancelled

See WAEC Withholds Results of 215,149 Candidates For Exam Malpractice

Waec 2020: 5 Crazy Reasons Why Results  Withheld/Cancelled: The result of the 2020 WAEC exams that was conducted in September due to the lockdown caused by the covid-19 pandemic.

Though the exam body recorded an improvement in the performance of students, some unfortunate students, might not see their results due to some of these reasons.

Examination Malpractice

If the exam council finds any evidence that a candidate or an examination center is involved in any form of exam malpractice.

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The result of such an individual or the results of all the students of such a center can be withheld so that investigations can be made.


If a supervisor of exams in a particular center catches a candidate in the act of examination malpractice, such a candidate’s result can be held indefinitely.

Some examination centers which are known as miracle centers, can also have the results of their students held, once the council confirms that their activities are not legitimate.


Impersonation is a very serious offense when it comes to examination. Some candidates in the northern part of the country had their results held because, cases of impersonation were found.


Any candidate or center where a case of impersonation is found will have their results seized.

Too much Irregularities of Exam Centers

There are some irregularities of exam centers which can cause the candidates of such centers to lose their results.

Sometimes, some centers do not account for all their candidates or they do not register all the candidates which can cause complications during computation of results.

Certain sensitive information of candidates might not be captured which can resort to problems later on. Mismanagement and mishandling of data of candidates by some centers, can cause complications when the results are being processed, which will make the body to seize or cancel results of candidates in that center. 


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