Coronavirus:Iranian-backed militias in Syria are getting hit hard by the virus

 Coronavirus: Iranian-backed militias in Syria are getting hit hard by infections.

corona virus: According to Jerusalem post, many Iranian-backed militias in Syria have been killed by the deadly covid-19 virus. Iran is one of the hardest hit in the Middle East in the pandemic.

The corona virus pandemic has made it difficult for the enemy to attack Israel, attacks are now at the lowest level in recorded history, an IDF spoke man, Gen. HIDAI alleged

Thousands of Iranians have been killed by the corona virus; this had weakened Iranian-backed militias. just last week, at least 1,300 Iranians were killed and over 32,000 infected by the deadly covid-19 virus.

Iran is one of the hardest hit by the virus, poor medical facilities and the heavily impost sanction by the Trump administration is making Iran difficult to contain the spread

The virus has also killed senior government officials, many militias’ men backed by the Iranian state have been killed, and their camp is now too scared to strike Israel  

 Coronavirus: Iranian-backed militias in Syria are getting hit hard by infections

According to Radio Farda, there are 853 dead and 14,991 infected as of Monday, a sad reality many Iranians see as a war against them by the west. This figure have been under reported by the Iranians health officials, the figure might even be twice the number


In a related development, the COVID-19 has reached the Syria and Iraq and has hit the major areas housing Iranian-backed militia. Israeli secret service added

Just last week, a woman (Abeer Mohammed Al-Salem) from Deir Ezzor, died of COVID-19. It was confirmed that Iranian militia followers have died due to the virus as well.

The virus is rapidly spreading in the Middle East, with little to no strict methods of containing it, many are on the death role in Iraq and Iran including state-sponsored Iranian jihadist

The Assad regime has not officially reported any cases of the coronavirus.

Even after been hit by the corona virus, the border between Iran and Syria is very much opened; there are no restrictions or containment in the border, a sad reality that may see increase spread of the virus.


The backed Iranian militia terrorist organization are not screen even as they move in and out of the border areas, it is commendable to mention that, the Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corps operate bases with the Iranian-backed militias in the Deir Ezzor area are located near a strategic border crossing between Iraq and Syria. see



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