Border Reopening: 5 Ways Nigerians Will Benefit From It

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Border Reopening: 5 Ways Nigerians Will Benefit From It: The Federal government recently reopened Nigeria’s borders with Chad, Niger, Cameroon, Ghana and Benin Republic, a move appraised by many Nigerians and economist

The Borders were closed after smuggling of banned goods became uncontrolled; Increased in terrorism and Kidnapping also fueled the closure of the nation’s borders last year

After much public outcry, the government gave-in and reopened all the nation’s borders with her neighbors

Massive Job Opportunities

Reopening the border will employ and re-employ millions of people directly and indirectly, the closure made hundreds of thousands of persons unemployed, business shut down

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The closure and the covid-19 pandemic of the border led to the rise in unemployment, contributing to the rise in crimes and youth restiveness

Increase in Business Activities

In no distant time, business activities will   return to normal, there will be massive trading in goods and services, increase in trading will likely occur as more persons will venture into border related businesses

Inflation will Reduce Inflation


The era when large volume of money chasing few available goods is about to be over, as more goods and services will be produced and exported to regional states within the borders

This will, in a long run reduce prices of commodity in the local market and pave way for more foreign goods and services

The Economy of the Border States will Improve

Chad, Niger, Ghana, Benin and Cameroon will experience massive increase in economic activities. There will be positive increased in transactions volumes, all price index and other economy drivers


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