N-power: Shun Disengagement news, all you need to on about Exit Plan

We were all traumatized following leadership unofficial report of our disengagement from the N-power program.


Mistakes to avoid when applying for 2020 N-power recruitment


Some persons where thrown in to high state of confusion and betrayal. Nonetheless, we gave in for the shock.

Thank goodness, the malicious report has been nip to the bud, the Minister of Humanitarian Affairs, Disaster Management and Social Development Umar Sadiya Faroug, has responded.

The minister swung into action to address the matter. She urged Batch A beneficiaries to wait for an official statement from the Federal government.

In her right words “We have not disclosed or made any official announcement on disengagement, disregard any malicious information and be focused in your Place of primary Assignment

However, we will keep you appraise, when the presidency and the National Social Investment have strategies A glorious exit package, that will see that, our young promising individuals are not pushed to the street. ’’

Also, special adviser to the president on National Social Investment, Mariam Uwais, has urged beneficiaries to be calm and positive in the PPA, while they earn their monthly stipends

Uwais said, the federal government is still collaborating with stake holders in the private and business sectors, to see how they can engage Batch A beneficiaries vividly.

In her words, “talks are ongoing; we have reached the highest pick of collaboration and agreements. Official statement will soon be on air, in regards to our plan for batch A. Related storyhttps://myeduproject.com.ng/n-power-2020-2021-recruitment-in-progress-apply-here

What Batch A need to Know About Their Exit Plan

  • The presidency had promised to lift more than 100 million Nigerians out of Poverty within a short period of time. Why then will they take you back to the street? National security will be under threat. No government will take that risk. The presidency has pledged to remove more than 100 million Nigerians from strict poverty. It will be foolish to do otherwise. This is a promise; you can take it to the bank.
  • N-power Beneficiaries have been promised a Glorious exit package upon exit. This means that, if when you would be relieved, you would be attached or engaged with a meaning package like having a well-supported business, working in a corporate venture etc

Over 400 Naira Billion in 2020 Budget for NSIP

  • The 2020 Budget provide a whopping sum of over 400 Billion Nigeria Naira for the full implementation of the National Social Investment. This money will cover all the segment of National Social Investment Programme including Both Batches of the N-power program. Believe and support the government, don’t allow saboteurs to win this great national plan for our young and productive youths.  
  • If you think, you would be thrown into the street to beg for bread, why do they bring up the TRASITION OPTION in your NPVN portal? Hell no, you won’t be.  They are putting plans into action for smooth and glorious exit. A package that will tell good of this administration. This is one of the success stories of the buhari led government so far…………


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