Inksnation Upgrade: See Timetable, Payment Date & Verification

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Inksnation Upgrade: See Timetable, Payment Date & Verification: Inksnation has released a comprehensive time-table to run the programme in line with customer’s satisfaction and trending issues

In a meeting with the management of Inksnation, a comprehensive analysis of the time-table shows that:

“All funds will drop in your wallet on the 12th of Nov., As usual but exchange will start Dec., 14th.

Dec., 14th – Dec., 20th Inks market will take place all over the 36 states including FCT for 7days.

From Nov., 12th – Dec., 12th, verification of members using BVN will start for old and new members.

Exchange will be strictly for goods and services


Fintech Upgrade & Microfinance Bank integration will start from Nov., 12th 2020 to March 12th 2021”


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