Apply For FG Transport Subsidy Grant 2022/2023 ( All Nigerians)

The FG Transport Subsidy Grant is an allowance that will be given to Nigerians when the subsidy on oil is officially removed come July 2022

Nigerians from all facets of Life will be entitled to transportation grants as the fuel subsidy regime ends come July 2022, Nigeria’s Finance Minister confirmed it

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The Federal Government will no longer accommodate fuel subsidy come July 2022, there is no provision for fuel subsidy in the 2022 National Budget

To caution against the effect of high transport fares, the Federal Government is making plans to pay Nigerians “ Transport Allowance” known as Transport Subsidy Grant after removing fuel subsidy.

No figure for the grant has been given, but since it involved millions of Nigerians, N50,000 to N120,000 was suggested for a start

FG Transport Subsidy Grant 2022-Apply


How The FG Transport Subsidy Grant 2022 Will Be paid To Nigerians

The  Transport Subsiday Grant will be paid for a short period like 6 months 9 months or  the maximum of 12 months

Transport subsidies would be given directly to individuals, not associations, or groups.

The NIN will be used to track all qualified and suitable Nigerians that will benefit from the grant


The grant money will be transferred to people using their BVNs, account number, and national identity numbers.

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Requirements for the FG Transport Subsidy Grant 2022

To benefit from this grant:

You must be a Nigerian

You have had a BVN

You must have the NIN number

Your bank account number must be active

How To Apply

The application starts 2022, you can as well follow the link and apply here

FG Transport Subsidy Grant 2022-Apply



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