An Iranian Christian Gets 80 Lashes/6 Years Sentence for Drinking Communion Wine

An Iranian Christian Gets 80 Lashes/6 Years Sentence for Drinking Communion Wine: An Iranian Christian, named Zaman Fadaee has received 80 lashes and a prison sentence of 6 years for taking a Communion wine believed to contain alcohol

The shaii Republic of Irain has been persecuting religious minority for ages, yet the world has been quite on the atrocities perpetrated by committed by Iran

Zaman Fadaee also received a-6 year prison sentence for   organizing house churches and evangelism

Tehran has defy all callings and criticism to release the young man, but insist a prison sentence to punish others who have similar intentions

 “For over four decades, the Islamic Republic of Iran has flogged, tortured and executed innocent souls for their religious beliefs and so much else. In this and other ways, this regime behaves no differently from ISIS. Yet the free world condemns in unison the actions of those radical Islamists but tolerates and even normalizes [Iran’s Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali] Khamenei’s cabal,”

 “It is illegal for Muslims to drink alcohol, but there are exemptions for recognized religious minorities, including Christians. However, converts like Youhan and Saheb are not recognized as Christians,”

US State Department spokeswoman Morgan Ortagus tweeted at the time:


“Deeply disturbed by reports Iran lashed Mohammad Reza Omidi 80 times for drinking communion wine. He already served two years in prison for belonging to a house church. We condemn these unjust punishments and urge Iran to allow all Iranians the freedom to practice their beliefs.”

 “What I know from my experience is that it’s all an excuse to make people afraid and prevent the huge wave of converting to christianity. When I converted to Christianity, I attended the Armenian church in Tehran secretly, where it is forbidden for the Persian speakers. There must be no preaching and no Bible in Persian.”

 “to have the Bibles in Persian, people risk their lives at the airport to bring Persian Bibles from Armenia. Evangelism in Iran is recognized as an act of espionage. What really concerns me is that I don’t know what happened to my teachers. We were always in contact, we met secretly. They taught me the first steps of Christianity and out of sudden both of them disappeared.”

 “It’s shameful that the leaders of Europe and especially the Vatican, which claims to be the world’s protector of Christians, have been silent about the Iranian Islamic regime’s 41-year persecution of Christians and Christian converts in Iran.”


 “It seems as if economic interests are more important for Europe that does extensive business with Iran’s ayatollahs rather than speaking out against their regime’s horrific human rights abuses against religious minorities in Iran.”- US State Department spokeswoman Morgan Ortagus tweeted



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