5 Countries with the Highest Number of Female Pilots On Earth  

5 Countries with the Highest Number of Female Pilots On Earth: What a man can do, a woman, if given the opportunity can do even better, the saying goes, The numbers of Female pilots are increasing as more nations bridge the gap in gender equality

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The beautify of a woman in flying and coordinating flight, is not just safe, to some large extent, it is seen as the best thing to happen to the aviation industry

Women have made great changes, and pride themselves to be good and worthy pilots and flight officer lately, no wonder a nation like India, Ireland, South Africa are engaging the services of women in flying plans

In terms of safety, very few of the plane crashes are related to women, in another term, more than 95% of air mishaps, cannot be attributed to a woman. Most planes and flights done by women have been safe

This article will pinpoint some 5 countries with the highest number of female Pilots on Earth and why



This is the First on our list, India prides it safe in recruiting and allowing female-run flights as pilots, the population of female pilots in India is about 12.4%

Many Indians have commended and testified how good women are as pilots, and there is no need to give in to fear when it comes to women flying a plane

The government of India is always encouraging women to take every available opportunities in the aviation industry in India



With a population of less than 10 million, Ireland is the world’s second, in recruiting the services of women as pilots.

9.9% of the pilot in Ireland are women, the number is rising at an alarming rate as more woman take the challenge of becoming pilots in the country


 The African Nation of South Africa is not left behind in engaging the services of women as pilots, 9.8% of South African pilots are ladies

This is one of the few African Nations, where ladies are given the opportunities to fly airplane with fear of killed in a flight


The North America country came fourth on the list, 6.9% of all the pilots in Canada are women

 Canada, a has a promising future for female pilot, she is massively investing and sponsoring ladies as pilots, and opening her doors for more professionals to come in as female pilots


The European nation is second to known in engaging women as pilots, the nation has a similar rate of 6.9% with Canada as the total number of female pilots in the country


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