5 Countries With The Highest Pilot Salaries In The World

5 Countries With The Highest Pilot Salaries In The World: Many young persons are enthusiastic on becoming pilots, the zeal to study and become pilot is the topic of discussion among kids in some homes, there are many benefits one get from becoming pilots

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But the cost of becoming a pilot have gone high in recent time, thus discouraging young minds who are financially incapacitated

Apart from the fun of flying gigantic aircraft, the salary and other financial benefit is mind blowing to many


Some airline in many countries pay as much as $30,000 monthly to pilots just for flying, this article will pin points some airlines that pays pilots awesomely- A reword for person

People Republic of China ($25,000 Monthly or $300,000 Yearly)

This is the most populated nation on earth, chine prides herself decently when it comes to paying her pilot, theChina Southern Airlines, China Eastern Airlines, China Southern Airlines, Air China and Hainan Airlines are the most common and busiest airlines in the countries

A pilot goes home with, on an average $25,000 monthly as well as $300,000 annually


Netherlands- $245,000 Yearly

This is a small country in Europe that pride herself decently when paying pilots, the KLM is the largest airline is Netherlands, a pilot goes home with nearly $245,000 annually

Air France- $235,000

This is one of Europe finest and biggest airline, not only is she the biggest airline in France but get incentives from the government. A pilot goes average annual net pay is $235,000

Ireland- €200,000

“The Irish airline “Ryanair” is the biggest operator in the country and it pays its Dublin based pilot an average of €15,000 – €200,000 annually”



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