Ten (10) ways to Prepare for the University Tertiary Matriculation Examination (Utme)

Every student at the secondary level of education aspire to see themselves in High Institution. These dreams and aspirations might not come through if a student fails to put the right study formula.

The University Tertiary Matriculation Examination, is a “must take” exam for all students at the secondary level.


This exam is far different from SSCE WEAC and NECO, in UTME, students use Computer Base Test (CBT), an ICT formula used to ascertain some level of intelligence.

Recent results released by the Joint Admission and Matriculation Board (JAMB), show poor performance on average.

Majority of students (more than 50%) scored less than 200. A point considered low, for entrance into the University.

Since entrance into University is competitive, only the best get a slot, those who score 250 to 400 stand a better chance to gain entry.


In other words, less than 200 may be denied the opportunity to get into the University.

Applicants fail to understand, the content and demands of the syllabus, hence the poor performance. This trend has continued. despite increased levels of participation, from private tutors.

It is paramount students understand CBT questions, and how to provide the needed answers, within the strict required time. The challenges novice face, is mostly the technical aspect of the exam day. Other challenge like poor preparation contribute.

Proven ways to Prepare for the University Tertiary Matriculation Examination (Utme)

Let’s see some ways students can best prepare for this University qualified Entrance Exams

  • Understanding the UTME Syllabus: it is very sad some applicants for this exams don’t get to see the syllabus of JAMB, after purchasing the form, they threw away supporting documents that comes with it.  And study haphazardly.
  • The syllabus provides a clear demand of what is needed. All applicants who are interested in flying high must go through the syllabus.
  • Check the major contents like the Topics needed for each subjects, the requirements of the topics.
  •  Study the Recommended Text Books: Grabbing and studying textbooks recommended is a key to success. After understanding the syllabus, expose your studies with the recommended textbooks.
  • Some textbooks don’t fit exams; some lack the required topics or are in poor content. Doing this will save you the stress of beating around the bushes.
  • Attending Tutorial: No one is an island of knowledge, attend a good tutorial or find a good tutor, if you could afford one. Attending tutorial helps one to know new ideas and experience.
  • Experts would help you understand better. This is the only chance you would have to ask professionals questions. Don’t rely on will power to get things done. You get 30% of the knowledge required in tutorials.  

Proven ways to Prepare for the University Tertiary Matriculation Examination (Utme)

  • Proper Preparation: The bulk of the journey lies here. Proper Preparation Prevent Poor Performance (5 Ps of success). Take your time to study all the syllabus required.
  • Sometimes, it becomes difficult to cover the syllabus, since time is of the essence, try to cover 70% of what is required. Use your instinct to study.
  • Fall in Love with Past Questions and Answers: After effective studies. Testing your self-using past questions and answer is a sure way to success.
  • Doing this in all the four required subjects, will give you an inside of how the exam would be. Under no circumstances should you go into the exam hall, without going through past questions and answers. Study and examine your weaknesses and perfect them.
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  • Trust and Confident:  Even after the aforementioned. You must trust your abilities to deliver. Confident comes when the needful is done. Don’t allow exam phobia to put fear on you.
  • Always be confident and positive. See yourself in the line light of success.
  • Be Positive and Aim High Point: Visualizing yourself and the points you want is a step of faith. Aim high, try target 350 to 400 points. Yes, it is possible, if things come to worst, you won’t fall below 250.
  • During exams, take a deep breath that will pricks you hearts, it reduces tensions in the exam hall.  Carefully read the instructions first, understand what you must do. Don’t be in a haste. Always review your answers if you are not sure.

Proven ways to Prepare for the University Tertiary Matriculation Examination (Utme)

  • Be mindful of time.  In the exam hall, time is your enemy. Set time for each of the four subjects. Make your you attempt all questions. Time is of the essence. A stitch in time save nine
  •  Desist from Cheating: Cheating of any kind is evil, all students must desist from it. Not only does cheating destroy you. The nation is under threat if you cut corners.
  • Prayer: Finally Commit your ways in anything you hold sacred, prayer works, if you believe. He knows what you want, only remind your creator of you need.



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