The term self-esteem is used to describe a person overall sense of self-worth or personal value. When self-esteem is low, peer pressure sets in and most persons begin to make poor choices.

Any physical disability leads to feelings of inadequacy, which result in the feelings of depression, anxiety and low level of tolerance, hence, physically disable persons have low level of self-esteem and high level of depression, stress and anxiety in comparison to normal population.

In Nigeria and other less developed countries, the plight of the Physical Challenged Persons is dare. They are not worth investing on compared with to the normal population, policy makers don’t involve them while making decision. See

There are schools for Physical Challenged Persons in many parts of the country and the continent, but in bad sharp. Most challenged Persons, would not progress to high institutions because of financial and social stigma.

The Physically Challenged Persons

Globally, few students with disabilities progress to higher education. This is mostly due to avoidable barriers they face as they navigate different educational structures from lower level.

Even those who make it to the higher institutions continue to face challenges.

Other means like sport, there are numerous challenges that prevent the physically challenged from participating in sporting activities. While the government, private sector and NGOs are trying to remove barriers of participation for them, the enormous benefits that sport provide to the disabled are not part-licensed enough.

Also, in the area of politics, the physically challenge suffers a lot of setbacks in contesting for elective positions, though government has made enabling laws to foster active participation but the implementation could hardly be felt.


The physically challenged should have opportunities to serve in every area of their endeavor, that is beneficial to society. Equal opportunity should be entrenched among every member of the society, notwithstanding their physical position, which has not been the case.

Based on the above backdrop, it could be pertinent to offer solution, the way forward to their stigma that have been bedeviled the physical challenged over the years.


  • Disabled Persons Self-esteem; Tips to improve self-esteem of the physical challenged persons.
  • Focus on your abilities more than your limitation.
  • Avoid unrealistic comparisons, desist from comparing apples and orange.
  • Set realistic goals for yourself, set goals that you could actually achieve.
  • Do not over generalize, if there is something you could not do due to your disability, it is not fair to conclude that you are an overall failure, there are many other things you could do.
  • Do not use negative statement, try as much as you could to have a positive mental attitude about your state.
  • Always appreciate your self, in all things, give thanks to God, appreciate yourself for the things you could do.

The Right Of Physically Challenged

  • Equal Educational Opportunities for the Physically Challenged: Convention on the Right of persons with Disabilities (CRPD), prohibit the exclusion of persons with Disabilities from the general education system, including any legislation or regulation that limit their inclusion on the lives of their impairment or its degree.
  • Physically Challenged Persons must love sports, sport provide the opportunity for physical improvement such as stronger bone muscles, enhanced cardio-vascular aerobatic level and improved motor skill, sport also create an environment that allows the disabled to developed crucial life skills.
  • Being confident in Disability: Physically Challenged Persons must develop courage in the mist of challenges, life its self is not a bed of roses, the ability to confront your challenges courageously defines a confident person. One must understand the situations around and settles them within reach.
  • Physically Challenged Persons may involved in Politics and Social activities, by involving in politics and getting public offices, their voices will be heard even faster. Stigmatization will minimize. And by engaging in Social activities, depression and stress will be minimized.
  • In Europe, Far East Asia and America, Physically Challenged Persons have recorded breakthroughs in Medicine, Technologies and even Space and accorded great respect in the society, such gestures should be emulated by Physically Challenged Persons in Africa.
  • Religious Bodies should be at fore front, advocating for the right of Physically Challenged Persons. There should be sincerity and honesty in this matter ,everyone is equally.


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