Exams sometimes could be very scary; our preparation does not march our expectations.  As a result, exams do not go to our favor. This is because, examination questions might turn out to be what we least expect. The fear of failure would make one do silly mistakes.

Funny things happen in the cause of writing exams; some excellent students perform poorly. The tensions that comes with exams, if not controlled might turn situation worst. Even after spending sleepless night and restless days in studying, you could be proved wrong.

Insane things happen mostly, when a candidate is not fully prepared or significant portion of work not done. Unpleasant feelings arose, confusions start slowly. From the inside, manifest real situation of things.  

While these may not affect all students, most insane things happened like a surprise in different ways to many students. Your brain might play a fast one on you, before you knew it, time has gone. We mostly understand our mistakes at the end of exams or days after.

Apparently, there is no solution to these happenings, but experts have revealed some facts that may help students feel at ease in the examination hall.  

Some suggests taking a deep breath before the commencement of the exam, and holding same for 30 to 45 seconds. Upon releasing the air, the body re-positions its self. Mood readjusted and confidence restored.

Also, doing exercise at morning time will stimulate the body, flexibility of mind will go a long way easing the body. This had worked according to studies on Medicals Journals

Let’s See Some Shocking and Insane (But True) Things That Happen in Examination Hall

  • Tension: As mentioned in the second and third paragraphs. Its start from the mind slowly, awful and ill feelings romanced with internal heat pours out, some parts of the body starts to shark unnecessarily. Sharking of the hands is notable, even your pen becomes jittery and sloppy to hold. At this point, one is tensed. Horrible mistakes are bound to happen if care is not taken . Experts advice taken a strong deep breath and hold same for some 35 seconds or more. Then release the air (carbon dioxide). Your body will regain it freedom and peace within minutes.    
  • Forgetfulness: This trend is very common in exam hall; some students forget to put down their exam details on their exam sheets. The temptation of not going through the instructions catches you like the air. During the exam, some students easily forget what they read hours ago.  This is insane right? Strange, but true. Probably, the exam questions might be easy to answer, or the questions are hard to attempt.
  • You only get to remember what you forgot after submission of script. Forgetfulness has no cure. But could be minimized. A solution to this, is not to be tensed, rather be calm. Once the body is calmed and focused, the ability to remember comes like a speed of light. Situations like this should be treated urgently and quietly.
  • Confusion: exams come with great surprises, when students fail to prepare, reality unfold its ugly head. Confusion comes when one is not too sure of what to do, how to do it. The state of mind is divided. Cancellations and out-of-point answers are written. Scenario like this is easy to tackle. While there is no direct solution to this.  Experts advice, proper preparation, rigid enough to challenge examiners quest for knowledge. One should always be calm, go through the instructions. Know the right thing to do before attempting a question.

Let’s See Some Shocking and Insane (But True) Things That Happen in Examination Hall

  • Short Time: Exams time is the shortest time ever. Most people complain of time. This is part of the test. To see if you could attempt the required questions within a specific time. The only way to beat this is to allocate time for each of the questions. Never spend all your time answering one particular question. Spread your time to others. Go with a clock, some calculators come with digital clock. Use it and allocate time for each questions. https://myeduproject.com.ng/see-why-you-must-exercise-your-you-body-twelve-12-amazing-health-benefits
  • Mind Blank: Another insane thing in the exam hall is mind blank. During preparations for an exam, you study and the information was comprehensive to understand, in a simpler and coherent manner. Probably you were setting in a comfortable place, listening to music or doing something that gives you pleasure. But in the exam hall, the situation is different, you forgot everything. The harder you try to remember the further the information.  The thought of “if i fail this exam, I might not graduate with my friends, or I might not finish with good grade”. This thought alone can ruin one in the exam hall. Experts suggest DE-stressing oneself through repeated practice.
  • Test Anxiety: Due to poor past test performance, fear of failure, poor preparation or pressure from parents. etc. One develops anxiety in exam hall. Self-help is a best strategy to deal with this. See https://myeduproject.com.ng/10-best-ways-to-prepare-for-the-university-tertiary-matriculation-examination-utme


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