WAEC 2020: 6 Crazy Reasons why Students will Perform Poorly

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WAEC 2020: 6 Crazy Reasons why Students will Perform Poorly: The 2020 WASSCE examinations came as a shock to many final year students in Nigeria as well as other countries writing the exams.

The covid-19 pandemic which caused a global lockdown ceased academic activities for a long time.

The lockdown kept all candidates preparing for WASSCE at home and away from their books.

Here are some reasons why students will perform poorly in the examinations.

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Fear of Examination (Exam Phobia)


Many students are afraid of exams due to different reasons.

 When some are faced with an examination, they become terrified and they fail because of this fear they forget the answers to questions that they know.

In Nigeria it is called exam fever, this so-called exam fever has rendered many young people useless in an exam.

 Since many students know how important the exam is to their lives, they tend to allow fear to creep into their minds which in turn leads to failure.


Inadequate Preparation for the Exams

The pandemic struck when students were still in the second term of the session. Most teachers had not yet covered all their syllabus at that time.

Students had to leave school without completing academic work and WASSCE covers all the work done in senior secondary school.

During the lockdown, most schools in the country could not provide a virtual learning platform to engage students in academic work.

Candidates were free but most if not, all did not use this free time for any academic work.

In normal times WASSCE lessons were carried in other to bring students up to date with the prevailing trends of the exam board.

Even after schools reopened, they had less than one month to prepare candidates for the examinations.

Non Cholent Attitude to Exam Instructions

In every examination instruction are the first thing a candidate of that exam is supposed to look at before attempting any question.

 Instructions are important because they guide the candidate on what he or she is allowed and not allowed to do.

It helps the person know what and where he or she can answer of fill during the exams.

Engaging in Examination Malpractice

There are now new ways of getting answers to exam questions due to the internet.

Lazy and careless students prefer to result to evil ways of passing their exams instead of hard work and study.

Today they are several websites on the internet that collect money from students to provide them answers to questions.

Most times the answers which these websites give are wrong as they do not have access to WAEC questions.

There are some schools in the country called miracle centers. These miracle centers collect money from mindless students with the promise of supplying answers to them.

Even though the students are given wrong answers they do not know because they did not read before writing the exams.

Failure to Number Answered Questions

Most students fail to number questions when they are answering them.

 They forget that the exams are not going to be marked by their schoolteachers rather it is going to be marked by external examiners.

When an examiner encounters such a script, he or she does not know what to do with it. The examiner may or may not award any mark to such a student.

Excessive Cancellation of Written Answers

Cancellation of answers repeatedly makes an examiner to think that the candidate does not know what he or she is doing and that he or she is copying from someone else.

A candidate is either awarded lesser marks or nothing for the answer. Students fail to understand the fact that they need to think before they write and not the other way round.


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