Covid-19 Amidst School Resumption: Guidelines to Stay Safe

Covid-19 Amidst School Resumption: Guidelines to Stay Safe: The Nigerian government has announced that schools will resume on Monday September 21.

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Due to this, children will begin to interact with each other.

It is important to ensure safety and prevention against the spread of the virus.

Here are some few but necessary steps that should be taken to prevent the spread of the virus.

Face Masks and Hand Sanitizers Should be Provided for Students

It is important that face masks and hand sanitizers should be giving to children before they are sent to schools.


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The right sizes of facemasks should be made available by parents.

Parents or guardians of children should teach their children the proper use of a face mask and a sanitizer so that the children can protect themselves in school.

Schools should also ensure that before a child is allowed into the school premises, he or she must have these two items.


Each child should have at least two facemasks to avoid constant repetition.

Schools Should be Fumigated Before students Resume Academic Work

Both public and private schools should be properly fumigated to ensure the safety of students as they resume.

The school environment should also be kept neat and clean to prevent any other infection from coming inContact with the students.

After fumigating the school compound, it is essential to clean it properly to remove any harmful chemical that is remaining around.

Proper Spacing in School

Schools should employ good sitting arrangements that would create space and reduce the chances of contact.

Spacing of children properly helps to create a good learning atmosphere and it also increases the ventilation in the classroom.

Schools with large population should teach in shifts so that they can contain their students without them clustering together.

Teaching in shifts prevent contact in classes and during break. Since the population is greatly reduced children can be controlled effectively.

Washing Hand Equipment Should be Placed on Schools’ Compound.

Water taps and bowls should be placed around the school so that students can wash their hands when they are in school.

Washing of hands with soap and water is a primary way of combating the virus.

Students should the taught the importance of washing their hands. They should wash their hands at regular intervals so as kill any germ that they come inContact with.

Washing of hands does not only help to prevent against covid-19 but it also fights other diseases.


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