Volunteers shared their Experiences as March Stipend Delayed amidst Lockdown

Share your thoughts on the delay of March stipends amid lockdown

N-Power Volunteers, How Are You Coping Without March Stipend During Lockdown? see https://myeduproject.com.ng/npower-stipends-salaries-stipends-must-be-paid-on-time-buhari-declares

The lockdown of some states and the FCT due to the coronavirus pandemic have brought so many challenges and hardship to Npower Volunteers. Many Volunteers have shared their bitter experiences

While some volunteers are calling for the immediate resignation of the Minister of Humanitarian Affairs, Disaster Management and Social Development, Hajia Sadiya Farouq, other are begging for mercy to be paid

Some Volunteers shared their Experiences without March Stipend amidst Lockdown

I sympathize with the Npower beneficiaries at this trying time; I hope the minister of Disaster does something soonest to help them. In the future don’t sell your birth right for stipends-A volunteer pleaded

A volunteer, via online source, calls Immediate Stipends payment #PayNpowerMarchStipend


For Since the Hon. Minister of Humanitarian Affairs, Disaster Management and Social Development has failed to fulfill the promise of immediate payment of monthly stipend to N-Power graduates she made on 31st of March, 2020, we have decided to launch a campaign on Twitter to demand for our March stipend in this hardship period of Stay Home without money to buy food.

You are all to copy the message below and post it on Twitter for the hash tag to trend until she do the needful on time.

*This is the message below*



Enough is enough of deliberate delay of our monthly stipend.

[email protected]_farouq of @FMHDSD should fulfill her promise of immediate payment to @npower_ng she promised on 31-03-2020. We are not beggars and can’t continue to die of hunger during this #StayHome see https://myeduproject.com.ng/npower-slight-delays-will-be-experienced-as-payments-start-before-easter


Volunteers share Experiences as March Stipend Delayed amidst Lockdown

A volunteers came Hard on the Minister: The woman is a sadist, I am sure she has no children hence the bitterness. I pity the npower volunteers especially in this trying time. I advise you to go out en-mass and protest isolation or not. Hunger is worse than Virus you haven’t even seen.. you have to be strong together with one voice..#sitdownlooknadogname

A Volunteer Calls for Revolution

Revolution is the answer to this mess in this country. In fact until we have a true leader that understands that there is high rate of unemployment of graduates in Nigeria and high rate of hunger. Then new Dawn will begin in Nigeria.

Without this revolution and emergence of the aforementioned leader which may be me or you then we are only dreaming, hunger will continue to be the order of the day and there will be no provisions for all the graduates. In fact things are not like this around 50s 60s and early 70s among Nigerian graduates. But things are getting worse now.

Imagine the delay in our stipend having known the present situation in the country. All what I know is what goes around will always come around. They should continue with the way they used to treat the Nigerians.

Another Volunteer Calls Npower a Political Programme

Npower volunteers are just mere elements of electioneering. Not a single one of them is being empowered as the program lacks poverty alleviation structure. But I am sure they are too proud to admit this about the program especially with the way they were shouting 4+4 before the election.

Share your thoughts on the delay of March stipends amid lockdown

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