US Nuke/NATO Bombers Jets Conduct War Games On Russia Doorstep (Video/Pictures)

US Nuke/NATO Bombers Jets Conduct War Games On Russia Doorstep (Video/Pictures): In a drive to steer Russia away from Nato Countries, the US Nuke and other NATO bombers are conducting war games to scar Russia  

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Over 20 Nato countries are taking part in the exercise, which will last till 22, June 2021


Croatia, Czech Republic, Denmark, Spain, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Slovakia, Turkey, Romania Belgium, Bulgaria, Canada, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Italy, and the UK are taking Part in the mission.


Led by the mighty US, NATO is conducting a war game with her advance enemy-Russia, there are no plans to engage the Russians in any war with the Mission

“Nic Robertson, CNN’s International Diplomatic Editor, the mission aimed to show NATO’s “credibility of common defence” and “enhanced readiness””


“Today’s mission is an awesome demonstration of NATO air superiority and together there is no challenge we cannot tackle.”

“The United States and 20 NATO nations took part in the large-scale mission, flying over NATO’s 30 member states to send a stark warning message to Putin”

“Putin was sent another a stark message by British forces on Friday after HMS Queen Elizabeth led a series of war games ahead of a trip to the Black Sea”

“The huge £3 billion aircraft carrier was joined in Portugal by 19 NATO warships from the US and eight other allied nations for operation Steadfast Defender”

The exercise, which is expected to last until June 22, included submarines, destroyers, and frigates and was backed by immense aerial support from the RAF’s brand new F-35B Lightning stealth fighters.



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