How To Live For 120 Years And Above: A Proven Method 

How To Live For 120 Years And Above: A Proven Method: It is no longer news, a lot of people die at a young and tender age, some were killed by Ill-health, Accidents, Violence (War,), Natural Disaster, Hunger, Etc some even take their own lives (Suicide) due to many factors Depression, Low Self Esteem, etc

But do you really know, you can live for more than 120 years on Earth? Yes! It is very much possible, and science has proven it. 

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While it is nearly impossible to stop some related to Natural Disasters (Earthquake, Volcano Eruption, Flood, Hurricane, and other power Winds, etc), it has been proven that they don’t occur all year round, some occur once in a lifetime, and are not life-threatening 


It has also been proven that a lot of persons died more of ill-health, this ill-health can be if manage, will see more persons stay above the 120 years. 

When it comes to health, it should be taken seriously, it determines, the numbers of years you would live on earth, not only is health important to live long, it is your wealth and greatest assets 

How does one stay healthy and live for 120 years? Was it perversity we long to stay alive? What lies in secrecy for all to live 120 Years and above?

This article will dig more into Health related issues, which can cut short our lives, and stop us from attaining 120 years and above

The Wonders In Fruits and Vegetables 

According to medical research, journals, eating fruits and vegetables is can prolong the life of an individual far more than cooked, pre-package, canned foods. 

When you make it a habit of eating more fruits and vegetables frequently, your body is rejuvenated, it completely overall bad and harmful toxins, detoxify your entire systems and make your whole

The secret is, eats more fruits and vegetables frequently. In a week, five days out of seven days, eating breakfast, lunch, and dinner should be dominated by fruits and vegetables. 

The best deal is, your body may not conforms with what you are eating but like you, as you continue to cultivate the habit of eating these healthy diets, rejuvenation of the body system to its natural forms take effect

The Power of Fruits and Vegetables

Do you know that fruits and vegetables have all the healing elements modern drugs can give you? 

  • Fruits and vegetable naturalizes the human body from disease 
  • They elevate and boost the immune system to the optimal level 
  • They destroy power toxins and free radicals that are harmful to your body
  • They are light and refreshing and add no weight to the human body system
  • They make the Brain and all the five “sense organ” work effectively and efficiently 
  • Addicted fruit and vegetable eater cannot get pot belly, kidney failure, heart disease, stroke, diabetes, bladder problem, liver failure, cancer, and many deadlines and life-threatening illnesses 


Fruits and vegetables have all that it takes to prevent diseases like cancer, one of the leading causes of death in the US and UK. Cancer can be arrested by good fruits and vegetables. 

One that starts eating fresh fruits and vegetables as a minor has all it takes not to develop cancer cells of any type

It has been proven that cancer of any type; lung cancer, kidney cancer, heart cancer, liver cancer, brain cancer, skin cancer, colon cancer to mention but a few develop due to unhealthy practices, among which is eating pre-packaged food, red meat, unhealthy chemicals from our environment, etc

Fruits and Vegetables cleans the body from all toxins and fight all unhealthy cell formation, you get healed even before you noticed it

Even if one must take drugs, a body that eats fruits and vegetables frequently recover fast

Kidney failure, Lung Failure, Heart Failure, Bladder Problem, Liver failure

One out of twenty persons in the world die of Kidney failure, Lung Failure, Heart Failure, Bladder Problem, Liver failure; thus cutting life short and unhealthy for many.

The human body organs are fragile, they can be corrupted by diseases of many types, and many are on the verge of death without knowing the impending danger.

And they get to know the exact state of damage when it is too late to treat or cure. Some of the organ failures can be attributed to poor hygiene and unhealthy diet consumed.

One who cultivates the habit of eating natural fruits and vegetables have greater chances of not having these problems in their lifetime.


While this can be heredity disease, some of are related to excess sugar and carbohydrate, diabetes has killed many and still killing, one proven way of proving this “killer” to eating healthy fruits and vegetables.

Diabetes stands no chance in the body if one takes advantage of nature. Eating fruits and vegetables are capable of prolonging your life and delay aging, one can live long on earth for more than 120 years if carefully and religiously eating our natural food.     

Fruits and Vegetables that should be eating frequently for Optimal Rejuvenating of the body. All fruits and vegetables are good for the body, but there are some that are more potent and useful to the human body system 

Avocados, Apple, Beets, Cranberries, Oranges, Pineapple, Water Melon, Mango, Paw Paw, Pumpkins, Spinach, Dates,  


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