Unpaid March and April Stipends: follow these instructions to get Paid-NpowerNG

If you are yet to be paid your March & April stipends, follow these instructions listed carefully.

  • Send ONE email to [email protected]
  • Title the email – Unpaid March and April stipends
  •  Email should include
  • State of Residence
  • Name
  • PPA
  • NPVN no
  • It is important that you follow the instructions carefully.



Send Email to: [email protected]

  • Title the email or Sunject :Unpaid March and April stipends


 State of Residence: Zamfara

Name: Umar Sadiya Farouq


PPA:   Government Secondary Schools, illishahu, Zamfara State Nigeria

NPVN no: N-Teach/2017/2009387408


The data bank of the Npower beneficiaries is undergoing reconciliation, and after which affected, volunteers will be settled according, Afolabi assured unpaid volunteers


A handful of beneficiaries of the programme both batch A and B did not get their entitlement for the said months due to mixture of data, being reconciled as we speak. Register your Signatures here https://myeduproject.com.ng/npower-permanency-movedrop-your-signature-as-bill-goes-next-reading

What caused the mixture of data is yet to be known apparently, but all we know is that, in no distant time, all affected volunteers will be paid any time from now. Your Signatures matters https://myeduproject.com.ng/npower-permanency-movedrop-your-signature-as-bill-goes-next-reading

Affected Volunteers need not to panic of their stay in the programme, they are still in the programme, we are doing all we could to reconcile all our data before May stipend starts rolling

There have been rumor circulating the corner of purported winch hunt of volunteers, who criticized or complained about the poor and ineptitude of some quarters of the Npower programme 

No one will hold your stipends because you criticized cluster heads of the npower programme- the statement added. Your Signatures are needed


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