Top Five (5) Highest Paid Paramilitary Organizations in Nigeria

Top Five (5) Highest Paid Paramilitary Organizations in Nigeria:The Nigerian paramilitary organization is one of the best in the continent of Africa; these organizations are more than ten (10) as we speak, both signed or awaiting to be signed into law

Though many of these paramilitary organizations are not well funded to discharge their duties, but their personnel costs are juicy and attractive

We will unlock just top five (5) highest paid Paramilitary Organizations in Nigeria, remember, they are not the most funded according to the national budget

We based our judgment on Paramilitary Organizations that pay decent take-home-pay to her member in Nigeria, See

Nigeria Immigration Service aka NIS

Calved from the Nigeria Police Force long ago, the Nigeria Immigration Service deals with visa application and registration of both entrant and exit of people coming in and out of the country via the land, water and air border

Though Immigration possesses a major challenge in terms of logistic, but the government is addressing it.


Officer and men of the Nigeria Immigration Service are well paid than any other paramilitary jobs in Nigeria

Nigeria Custom Service aka NCS

The Nigeria Custom Service has the duties to

  • Revenue Collection
  • Revenue Mobilization
  • Preventing Smuggling of contra ban goods

The Nigeria Custom Service is competing directly with the Nigeria Immigration Service in terms of salary structure, not only is the take-home-pay decent, they have allowances, capable of doubling their salary. See


National Drug Law Enforcement Agency aka NDLEA 

This is another juicy pay paramilitary job in Nigeria; the National Drug Law Enforcement Agency was established with the main aim of:

  • Investigate, prosecute illicit drug traffickers in the country
  • Protect the citizens against handful and banned narcotic  substance
  • Increase awareness  of the dangers posed by hard drugs etc

The National Drug Law Enforcement Agency (NDLEA) is second to none when it comes to decent take-home-pay. Their pay structure is one of the best among para-military agencies. They have health and hazard allowances, making it cool for staff. See

Federal Road Safety Commission aka FRSC  

Don’t assume those folks that keep the highway safe are poor, you may be judging the book by the cover. Members of Federal Road Safety Commission are well-to-do going by their take-home-pay.

Not only do they have allowances, they are well catered for by government, civil society and the corporate organizations. See

Saddled with the responsibility of:

  • Keeping highway safe
  • Educate and sensitize road users on the road signs
  • Punish offenders
  • Traffic control
  • Issue license and document to car owners etc

Nigeria Security and Civil Defence Corps (NSCDC)



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