Top 7 Highest Paying Jobs in Nigeria and How Much They Pay

Top 7 Highest Paying Jobs in Nigeria and How Much They Pay

Do you know, oil industries are the most lucrative and well-paid jobs apart from politics in Nigeria? Knowing fully well the industries are wholly owned by foreigners and multinationals in the country

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Are you planning to gaining employment or building a solid career with the top 7 highest-paid jobs in Nigeria? If your answer is yes, start preparing to breakthrough as we show you the Top 7 Highest Paying Jobs in Nigeria and How Much They Pay


Country of Origin: Anglo-Dutch

Entry-level starts with a gross pay that is circa N19, 000,000 per annum.



Country of Origin: Italy

Entry-level:  Graduates Get more than N18, 000,000 per annum


Country of Origin: China

Entry-level: Graduates earn not less than N16, 000,000 per annum


Country of Origin: Nigerian Oil Company

Entry-level: Gross pay around N12, 000,000 per annum


Country of Origin: Nigeria.

Entry-level: N25, 000,000 per annum as gross pay.


Country of Origin: American

Entry-level position: N22, 000,000 per annum to a fresh recruit


Country of Origin: Nigeria.

Entry-level position: N22, 000,000 gross per annum.

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