FMARD Onboarding:  Capture Farmers Using Simple steps On ODK App

FMARD Onboarding:  Capture Farmers Using Simple steps On ODK App: By now you should have received your engagement letter directing you on next steps. See

If you are yet to upload your Passport Photo and Identification don’t worry, you can still do so on the ODK App, during your onboarding survey.

Complete your onboarding process on the device you will be using for the final capture by following the steps below:

The User Guide here Ensure you complete all the steps in the user guide.

Configure The ODK App as instructed in the User Guide.


Download and complete these three (3) survey forms


Enumerator Onboarding Form

Practice Survey Form – Practice by completing a few.


Start enumerating farmers using the National Agricultural Assets Survey Form.


This is the survey that will be paid for

Capture Farmers/Farms Using Simple steps here

On the Downloaded ODK Collect App

  • Select Fill Blank form from Main Menu
  • Complete the On-boarding Form (once)
  • Insert your user name
  • Your password is already there
  • If it fails to open, refresh twice
  • You can migrate by clicking “learn more and migrate”
  • Remember, your device must be on satellite mood
  • After the survey, save and exit
  • Go to send Finalized items and allow it to run the background
  • Submit
  • Continue to capture as many as you could to earn

If the “Get a blank form “refused to open, contact the FMARD or use your mail to contact you supervisor. There are so many technical issues with the app


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