Ten ways to immediately improve your financial status

Ten ways to immediately improve your financial status: When it comes to making more money than what we normally make, it excites us. If you want to earn a little higher than others you need to work the extra.

Working the extra means adding more work to your original job. You can call it a side hustle or whatever you want but it is still the same thing.

The world today has developed in so many ways and there are numerous ways to improve your income out there.

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Some people think that it is necessary to go to an office before you can earn a living, but it is not.

Many of the options I will be giving you in this article can even pay the bills without you setting foot in an office.

Here are some amazing ways you can earn more and improve you financial status without hardship.     


Investing in online marketing

When you are into a business where you sell goods, you need a platform that will make it easy for you to attract customers easily.

Online marketing is a very good way to draw customers and carry out trade with ease.

It helps you to advertise your products and it gives customers all the information they need about the services you offer.

For you to start, you need an e-store. An e-store is like a website, but it is for trading and product description.


It is on such a platform that you can improve sales and conduct business with ease.

The internet is filled with people and if you want to get word out about your business then you must surely begin here.


Blogging is a very popular trend these days. It doesn’t require much effort as it seems but it can sure earn you enough money to pay the bills.

For you to start blogging you need to have a website of your own.

 There are numerous blogging platforms but I personally recommend WordPress because it is easy to work with.

Then you look for a blogging niche that suits you and you have passion to write about.

The next step is buying your domain name and getting a host for your blog.

For you to earn while blogging, it is not just about writing alone, but you need to know how to generate traffic.

Before going into blogging you need to know your target audience so that you can get traffic into your blog with ease.

After that you can sign up for Google AdSense or other affiliate marketing platforms and start earning.

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is possible when you have a website and link buyers and sellers in an online platform. You can sign up for amazon affiliate ads or any other one and receive payment once a person clicks on them.

Before u can begin affiliate marketing you must first own a blog of you own.

Once you have your blog you can sign up for affiliate ads and receive payment once a viewer on your blog clicks on those ads.

Digital marketing

Most of our lives these days keeps us online. From the books we read to the games we play.

We live and breathe online, so it is easy for us to market media online.

Media like books, newspapers, magazines, audio and video files and so much more.

It is very easy to make money of such items, because they are in very high demand.

People prefer to read soft copy documents these days rather than the printed ones.

There are numerous platforms today where you can display such media for sale.

Amazon is a popular site for doing such. Once you begin this you can start to generate money in no time.


Freelancing is a job that is gaining fame and attention all over the world recently.

As a freelancer you get to work from anywhere you like without going to an office.

It seems like a dream job for those who do not like others bossing them.

Freelancers get to work for any company of their choice. Freelancers enjoy the freedom other employees do not have.

You can also freelance for as many companies as you like without any problems.

Some examples of freelancing jobs are writing, graphic and web design, social media management and a host of others.

Freelancing might not be an office job but it can take care of the bills and provide food. If you are searching for freedom while working try freelancing and get as much freedom as you desire.

Real Estate Agents

Housing is a top commodity on the market and everyone wants a house.

For you to become a real estate agent you need to work for a real estate company.

Real estate agents are responsible for finding potential clients who will buy a house.

The work of an estate agent is a very interesting one as you get to meet different people almost all the time.

This is not just the interesting part, you also get to earn a percentage off every property you sell.

The more you sell the more you make. If you want to improve your income in a very short period of time then you should surely look this way.

Poultry and fisheries

Agriculture is a very good way of making money and these aspects are one of the fastest growing ones.

Keeping poultry birds is a tedious task but is a very fruitful one. You can sell these birds when they are mature enough and make lots of money.

Poultry birds like chickens also lay eggs which are also sold for money.

Fish farming is another branch of agriculture that brings a lot of money.

To start you own fish farm you can have a fish pond built and then have fishes put in it.

Fish mature over a short time and once they are ready you can sell them and make a good sum of money. 

Investing in stock/bond

Stocks or bonds are government issue securities that you can acquire for over a long time.

You and the government sign a contract so that you will get paid a certain amount over a specified period.

Bonds/stock are much easier as less risky to invest in like shares because, you are making a contract with the government and you receive payment after a fixed period of time.

Whereas when you invest in shares you become a risk holder and if the company crashes today you lose your money.

When you invest in bonds and the date of expiry reaches you receive payment in full all the money you invested with your profit.


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