Covid-19 Christmas: 7 Reasons Why Celebration Will Be At Low Key

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Covid-19 Christmas: 7 Reasons Why Celebration Will Be At Low Key: As the Christmas season approaches, the covid-19 pandemic will span through the month of December, and even into the New Year 2021.

Till now, there is no cure to the deadly corona virus pandemic, and things will be as it were, people have to observe strict covid-19 protocols as stated by Centre for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC)

The Chrismas celebrations will largly be affected; celebrants will have to adapt to protocols not conversant with.

While scientific breakthroughs are on the way to find a lasting solution to the pandemic, the covid-19 pandemic has killed more than a million persons and still counting

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Many prominent persons around the world have died due to complications from Covid-19 virus


As Billions of people celebrate Christmas this season, there are reasons why it should be a low key celebration

 Covid-19 Is Still With US

The virus is very much with us, latly one of the formal Ghanian presidents, Jerry Rawlings, died from complications from the virus. 

The Christmas celebration should be celebrated in low key because, the virus is very much around, looking for its next prey


No Cure To The Deadly Virus

There is no known cure for the virus as we speak, although there are reseaches in some medical instistitutions, but no approved or recognized cure yet

The virus is still raging many countries and regions around the world. A low Christmas Celebration will help to contain the spread of the virus

Observing covid-19 protocols strictly will involve, distancing one from others, the need to stay safe in a particular place is paramount and important

Practicing Social Distancing

One of the covid-19 protocols is observing social distancing; this measure entails proper spacing between people to contain the spread of the scourge

Christmas will be celebrated in low key all over the world as this measures is enforced through out Churches, Markets, Shops, Parks and other public places

Poor Global Economy

The covid-19 pandemic has caused global economic troubles, major economies are struggling to recover, and there is stagnation and recession in many countries

This factor may warrant having low key Christmas celebration due to low Income and unfriendly prices of Goods and Services

US/China Trade Confrontation  

The Christmas Celebration may be forced to be celebrated at low key due to US/China trade conflict, the  trade war has been on even before the covid-19 pandemic, prices have generally sour in some countries

Countries whose economy are tied to US or China will be forced to cut down expenses or may not have spare money for extravagant Christmas

Fear of Being Infected by Covid-19

Hundred of thousands of persons have died of Covid-19 virus, with people dying every day in their large numbers, the fear of contracting the disease and spreading same is enough to scare people from having an extravagant Christmas

Elder and aged persons are more at risk; Christmas in 2020 may not have that extravagant celebration as it were those days


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