Survival Fund: “Doubted Thomas” Regrets as Applicants Receive Alerts

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Survival Fund: “Doubted Thomas” Regrets as Applicants Receive Alerts: The Survival Fund programme of the Federal Government came with a lot of surprises and regret in some quarters, while few persons took bold steps to apply and give the Government a benefit of doubt, many other saw the programme as “another scam from the government

Lately, the Federal Government headed by Mr. Buhari, lived up to expectation and credited hundreds of thousands of successful applicants, who applied for the programme 

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Many who failed to applied are regretting their action, as friends who are credited with Hundreds of thousands of Naira for businesses are showing the Alerts, thus; thanking the Federal Government for the great opportunities

Indeed, the Buhari led government is methodically addressing poverty, convincingly than previous administration

More than 300,000 persons have benefited from the Survival Fund Programme, the Vice president, Professor, Yemi Osinbajo confirmed this on the 24th of December, 2020


Many who doubted the Federal Government and failed to register for the programme are regreting their actions


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