Support Grants Nigeria  (Get N20,000 Monthly) –
Support Grants Nigeria  (Get N20,000 Monthly) –

Support Grants Nigeria  (Get N20,000 Monthly) –

Support Grants Nigeria was established in 2020 to give succor to those affected by the devastation caused by the covid-19 pandemic. It is particularly aimed at lifting the poor and vulnerable out of strict poverty and unemployment

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“Supportsgrants is a private sector initiative founded in 2020 as a result of the effect of Covid-19 on Nigerians and Africans causing millions to slide into poverty due to loss of jobs, bankruptcy, loss of investment, high rate of inflation, and paucity of government revenue”

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“This scheme was initiated by a group of Africans based in Europe for over the past 20 years as a way of giving back to the continent and driving a positive impact on citizens. It is a not-for-profit project that is designed to pave way for other well-meaning citizens to be part of”

Support Grant Nigeria is giving each applicant a whooping some of N20,000 for 12months to help reduce the impact of covid

SUPPORT GRANTS.NG is designed with the financial support of international donors with a focus on alleviating poverty through the empowerment of individuals and families.

The grant is packaged to enable Africans to migrate from the global poverty benchmark to an increased 50% income per capita by the access of money starting from N20,000.00 for individuals and N50,000 for families over a period of 12 months (2020 -2021).

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Registration is completely free of charge, do not pay anyone to facilitate this loan for you, it is your right to be given what is due to you at no extra cost

Facts About the Support Grants Nigeria (Supportgrants. ng) Grant Initiative


We provide tools and materials that will enable better utilization of grants and loans.

We provide free consultancy expertise to individuals and families seeking to be out of the poverty bracket.

We provide financial education services for individuals and families in Nigeria and Africa.

We facilitate the provision and easy access to grants and soft loans through the assistance of our international donors.

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How to apply for Support Grants Nigeria 2022

Visit the web portal and do all the form filling and submit

Care must be taken when filling the form, to be at a safer side, follow the steps for a proper guide

Stage 1

Create an account with your biodata information in the following;

full names,

email address,

phone number

You will also need to activate your SMS with your registered phone number to be successfully registered

Stage 2

Support Grants Nigeria sign-in the portal shall consist of a backend system with the following features:

Personal profile

Grant application (grant form)


Stage 3

In this stage, you would be required to give supplementary information on yourself for easy submission and application

full names,

email address,

phone number(s),


home address,


employer’s name (optional),

employer’s address,

grant type (Individual Package/Family Package)

bank account number,

bank name


Make sure you confirm all your information before submission

Double registration may deny you the grant

Ask us any questions in the box below

if you require assistance

Apply here


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