Stipends will be Paid in a Matter of Days- SSA to the President-Max FM Radio 102.3

Stipends will be Paid in a Matter of Days- SSA to the President-Max FM Radio 102.3: The Senior Special Assistant (SSA) To President on Social Investment, Mr Ismaeel Ahmed has once again assured all Volunteers to be patient as stipends will be paid in a matter of days

While speaking on Max FM Radio 102.3 yesterday, he enjoyed all Npower disengaged volunteers to be lawful and civil in her criticism to the president

President Mohammadu Buhari’s government is friendly to the Youths, hence the Npower initiative, all protest must be peaceful to address the purported exit of Volunteers-SSA

Youths must be civil and constructive with their demands, the government has done more than expected within the last four years, the issue of disengagement must be contested and questioned using peaceful protest

Many volunteers aired their views on the position of Government on the Npower programme, some faulted the good initiative to be poorly planned

While the idea of Exiting volunteers is not yet clear, the GEEP loan and other incentives may be the next plan should government considers exiting volunteers

The session was rowdy as many callers called for massive protest come 6th to call government to order and hold her by their words of creating 100 million j……………….




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