Stipends: We sincerely apologize for the Delay, working tirelessly to pay-Npower

Volunteers May not be paid this week, another apology dished out. See

Stipends: We sincerely apologize for the Delay, working tirelessly to pay-Npower: Another apology has been dished to the beneficiaries of the npower programme, when all had hoped to receive their much awaited March and April’s stipends

It is now a norm for beneficiaries of the Npower programme to wait till the middle or close to the end of the next month before being paid stipends of less than $90.

Nigeria pay far less in terms of stipends to her youths compares to Ghana, South Africa and Egypt.

South Africa, a leading economy in the Southern African block pays $214 to her youths with extra stimulus packages promptly- Financed from Company Income Tax (CIT)

The largest economy in the continent of Africa (Nigeria) is still finding it difficult to pay stipends of less than $90 to her unemployed graduates as at when due. See

Countless apologies had been dished out by the management of the Npower programme, yet nothing is done to correct such abnormalities


The Finance minister and governor of the economy, once disclosed that, Npower Funds are already released, it is up to the Minister of Humanitarian Affairs, Disaster Management and Social Development to approve these stipends.

Delay and more delays seems to be a script played by some untouchable elements managing the programme, yet no one is addressing the matter

When repeated apologies are constantly made, then there is incompetency and hidden agenda-anonymous source    

Volunteers of the Npower Programme must demand and plead for their stipends, hits the social Medias, throw tantrums before their peanuts of less than $90 paid them


Volunteers have been suggesting ways to put the delays to an end, but to no avail from management


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