Npower Stipends: We are working Hard to Ensure Payment- FMHDSD



Npower Stipends: We are working Hard to Ensure Payment- FMHDSD: “Thank you for your incredible contribution during this pandemic as an N-Power Health beneficiary. We are extremely proud of you.”

“Regarding your stipend, our Parent Ministry @FMHDSD is working hard to ensure payment. There is a process. Just hang in there.”

“Vanguard news report that, Hajia Sadiya Farouq, issued a press statement from the ministry to say that slight delays will be experienced and this is as a result of the fact that we have to put all proposals for payment under the microscope because they are paid in billions of naira and it is simply not possible for us to just build on a foundation that we did not start.”

This simply means that, payment delay will be a thing of the past as a solid ground is already in place to ensure smooth payment. It is wrong to attribute or politicizes matter like this.

Since payment proposal is already in place, all beneficiaries need not to worry, but to have faith in the system, which will go a long way to address future problems, even if there is change in the system subsequently. see


The Minister of Humanitarian Affairs, Disaster Management and Social Development Hajia Sadiya Farouq gave her unreserved apology over constant delays, she disclosed diligence as a key factor her ministry must observed, if the programme was to survive.

We are working Hard to Ensure Payment- FMHDSD

“We apologies for any delay but we also say that it is also part of the job and we have to observe due process and ensure that due diligence is observed across the board.

“When the payment proposal comes from the minister to me, I have to ensure that what I send back to the minister is something she can comfortably sign off according to due process”

No one is doubting anybody. It is not easy to sign off a file with one or two pieces of paper asking for billions of naira. see


Payment proposal is a sign that, payment is on the way, what we do know is that, in no distant time, presumably soon, volunteers would receive their stipends




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