Shocking and Mind-blowing Prophecies of Apostle Johnson Suleiman For 2021/2022

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Shocking Prophecies of Apostle Johnson Suleiman For 2021/2022: Call him the Elijah of our time, and God’s own mouth piece, you won’t be wrong. The General Overseer of the Omega Fire Ministry, Apostle Johnson Suleiman has released the mind of God in 2021 to Nigerians and the world at large

In 2019, Apostle Johnson Suleiman advised the Nigerians government on national security, siting increase in terrorism, kidnapping and Youth restiveness, all of these came to pass

The persistence in Boko haram operations and the wanton rate of kidnapping to mention but a few in 2020, just recently, more 800 schools boys in were kidnapped in the Northern part of the country

Below are the prophecies of Apostle Johnson Suleiman For 2021/2022

Togo to mourn a leader.

Train going off the rail but crisis averted.


Niger Delta to mourn a great leader.

Northerners to turn against leadership.

CNN to have major crisis.

1 saw family of a veteran Yoruba Musician crying over his demise.


1 saw Ebola return but not in Nigeria.

Agricultural boom and constant rains.

.1nter-tribal crisis (Nigeria), prayers needed.
Lct’s seriously pray against a plane crash.

POWer to leave the north.

U.K Prime Minister needs to pray over his health.

1 saw influx of strangers (Nigeria border).

Major TV Channel burgled and razed down with fire.

Divine intervention for a Nigeria Footballer

Fire outbreak in the eastern part of Nigeria.

Covid 19 casualties not as worse as expected.

1 sec police protesting against police.

Black day in Aso Rock.

Foreign Society intervening in National crisis.

Serious conspiracy against Prof, Osinbajo.
1 saw a liquor company losing staff. S. Saudi Arabia will experience an attack.

New faction of Terrorist breaking out of Boko I taram.

House of horror (Where kidnappers’ victims are kept) expose.

Terrorism sponsor in Nigeria Nabbed.

A renown social media influencer loses life.

Music industry needs prayer against restriction and ban.

A king dethroned.

Warri (Delta Sate), a day of horror (Prayer needed).

Joseph Biden’s health needs urgent attention.

Collapsed Bridge (Let’s pray for preservation).

CBN be alert. I see fire outbreak.

A year of great revival for Christians.

I see Cows fighting their owners.

Politicians to be jailed. (Nigeria).

Ghana to have major economic crisis.
1 saw pirates kidnapping in Ghana.

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