I saw a national flag half flown; said by the General Overseer of Omega Fire Ministry, this and more shocking prophecies were made known at a live programme in Makurdi, the Benue State capital.

The G O, in a-two day programme in IBB square released shocking and mind blowing prophecies that will shake the nation come 2020.

God is with the people of Benue State and has fought those imposing jihadist on his children, the prophet of God revealed.
Benue state was an epicenter of herders/farmers clash; the clash resulted to the death of hundreds of innocent farmers and villagers. Many became refugees.

The prophet said, God has heard the cry of the people, and has intervened. Judgment is on the wicked. Apostle Johnson Suleiman had one time said, Benue people should watch their back against invaders, but the matter was taken with a pinch of salt.

The devastating effect came when almost 100 people lost their lives on New Year day of 2017, hundreds of deaths followed in similar clash.
The man of God went further to warn the state government not to relent on security issues.

Before we tell you the 2020 prophecies, let’s review the 2019 prophecies, which has happened and the ones God averted.

A review of 2019 prophecies

These prophecies were released on the eve of the New Year;
Great agricultural boost for South Africa; South Africa recorded high increase in fruits and food production as said by Cyril
I saw an eclipse; There were so many eclipse of the moon in 2019, see NASA website for full details
2019 Nigeria election- 100% rigged; The European Union and other international Organisations confirmed irregularities from both the ruling and opposition parties.
Northern response to election results to shock the incumbent government; Hate speech became so rampant .
Election – Nigeria vs military/police; The Federal Government militarized the street before the 2019 election, police men all around the corner.
China to openly confront America; The trade war between US and China is not slowing down, the south china sea , violation one china policy, and Taiwan issue is is a threat to china.
Great set back economically; Nigeria is still battling with her economic problems.

A review of 2019 prophecies

Biafra struggle to gain massive support; A global fund has been set to raise money to fund Biafra, see details in Sahara Reporter.
A new activist to launch campaign against presidency; Omoyele Osowore is illegally detained by government, on a charge of conspiracy to overthrow the government.
2019, a shock for governors; some governors were not returned, others thrown out of power by opposition parties.
Ghana economy to get foreign support; The Ghanaian economy got a boost from china.
I saw another missile test in North Korea; So it is, DPRK is still testing missiles, daring the U S.
Nollywood to merge internationally; Talks are in progress.
I see a major breakthrough in the cure for HIV; the first HIV vaccine was tasted, findings shows huge progress. So many researches are on ongoing to put an end to the scourge.
Muhammadu Buhari needs prayer, please sir, go and rest; this have been the cry of many Nigerians


More prophecies

Abubakar Atiku should focus on North during campaign; He lost many Northern states, but got 85% of southern state.
I see an Igbo Presidency in 2023 but they must not have any deal with present government; still on the pipe, South East is agitating for presidency against 2023.
Tinubu should forget 2023; this is presently making headline nationwide.
I see internet fraudsters, new ritualistic ways of making money (blood hunt); this is the latest trend in the country .
A presidential aspirant to be arrested; The presidential aspirant of African Action Congress (ACC) and the owner of Sahara Reporter, is already in DSS custody for plotting a revolution against the government of Mr. Buhari.
I saw Boko Haram invade a police station; the dreaded sect had invaded three police stations and military bases in Bornu state. For more on this, see sahara reporter, channel news etc.
The Almighty God is unhappy at the continued detention of El-Zakzaky; as we speak, the Shiite leader is still in detention, hundreds of his followers have been killed.
APC wins Lagos election; confirmed, Apc recorded a land side victory in the 2019 Nigerian general election.
Keystone banks needs prayers; the bank has suffered financial set back owning to a lot of factors.
ASUU to pray against losing a top member; Confirmed, ASUU lost key member via car accident.

A review of 2019 prophecies

WAEC to be re-modeled; Talks are ongoing to make WAEC like UTME.
I saw farmers package welfare from the government and it results to crisis between them and the state government; yet to happen.
I saw most eastern states won by APC at the national level; On the contrary, PDP won 95% of all elective posts at the national level.
Strange killings in Togo; Averted by the almighty
Mali should pray against strange virus outbreak; Averted by prayers.
• The government should protect police station and military barracks because I see people break in searching for arms; the dreaded Islamic sect, Boko haram had broken into police and military bases, arms stolen.

America should not relax, a deadlier terrorist group is emerging; On the pipe, but we pray God should destroy them.
I saw a probe group disgrace US government; US government headed by Mr. Trump disgraced on many occasion both at home and abroad. President Donald trump is the most insulted US president in history.
Donald Trump to lose 2nd term; we pray he wins; Americans will go to the poll 2020 to decide their fadete
Brexit crises to implode UK; This is expected as prime minister Boris Johnson is ready to exit UK from EU without agreement
I saw a terrorist attack in America; Many people have been killed by gunmen shooting sporadically in Schools and public areas.

Find more Prophecies

Fire outbreak in Canada but quickly managed; confirmed
Nigeria to win awards and relevance in cyber world; yet to happen.
Let’s declare a prayer day against massive bloodshed in Rivers state (Too ugly); Averted by prayers.
I saw a horse, written on it was ‘pray against Americans being homeless’. I saw something happen that made them scampering for safety. Natural disaster; California wild fire, water related natural disasters have rocked the United State of America.
• July and August in Nigeria, serious prayer.; so many evils occurred in these months. Jigawa state lost 12,000 hectares of farm lands
to rain (erosion).