Shiloh 2020 Begins Today: TURNAROUND ENCOUNTERS

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Shiloh 2020 Begins Today: TURNAROUND ENCOUNTERS: Shiloh 2020 will officially starts today, Living Faith aka Winners’ Chapel “Canaland” in Ota Ogun state is set to receive more than 300,000 guests from all over the globe

There will be live transmission from all over then world, connect to your local church to have a live view of all the happenings in Canaland this evening

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The theme of this year’s shiloh is TURNAROUND ENCOUNTERS; there shall be total turnaround in all of our endeavors and expectations as God is still saying something in our Lives, Nation, and the World at large

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History of the SHILOH theme from inception:

2007: More than conquerors

2008: Manifestation of The sons of God

2009: Hour of restoration


2010: Breakthroughs unlimited

2011: Waves of glory

2012: Double Portion

2013: Exceeding grace

2014: Heaven on earth

2015: From glory to glory.

2002: What wisdom is this!

2003: All things are possible

2004: Showers blessings

2005: Possessing your possessions.

2006: Destined to win

2016: My case is different

2017: My New dawn.

2018: Dominion.

2019: Breaking Limit

1999: Encounter with destiny

2000: Heaven on Earth

2001: From glory to glory

Any opportunity for an Encounter with GOD should be given all the Preparation that is needed.

Anything is Possible in the Presence of GOD.

Don’t go for Picnic

Don’t go for Site seeing

Don’t go for window shopping

Don’t go to catch up with Sin partners!

Don’t go to steal

Go with a Heart to Receive!

Most Important! Believe the LORD your GOD, so shall ye be established; believe his prophets, so shall ye prosper.

Lastly live Prepared! JESUS could Snatch away his children at just anywhere and anytime

“VENUE: CANAANLAND, OTA, NIGERIA or any LIVING FAITH CHURCH (WINNERS CHAPEL) closer to you via live broadcast.

MINISTERING: Bishop David O. Oyedepo and other Anointed Men of God.

Pray, Plan and Prepare towards SHILOH 2020.

DATE: 8th – 12th December, 2020.”


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