Nexit Application: Verify Your Details via Record After Registration

See N-Exit Website Unveiled:

Nexit Application: Verify Your Details via Record After Registration: The Nexit portal has bounced back 100% with flexibility and ease of operation, thanks to the Ministry of Humanitarian Affairs, Disaster Management and Social Development and the Central Bank of Nigeria for this gesture

The portal has seen massive hit since its launched few days ago, volunteers have started updating their profile and details to get qualifies for the  affiliate loan Programme of CBN

See Nexit Portal: Registration Involves 3 Stages With 10 Important Questions

The Nexit portal has massively delivered email confirmation and verification links to thousands of exited volunteers. Volunteers yet to receive/activate and confirm their email are to check their mail right away

After filling the update form with a successful submission, the system may not update your profile accurately.

The system is still undergoing Repair, Maintenance and Upgrade, not all action done on the web portal site will guarantee 100% success  


Re-verification has to be done to guarantee a successful record update. After a successful submission, a quick check on the RECORD category close to the dashboard in the N-exit portal will give you some information not successively submitted  

Volunteers should click the RECORD category in the portal, all submitted information will display, but some crucial information will be missing, meaning the previously submitted profile did not submit successfully

See Nexit Registration: Answer These Questions By Putting YES And Get Loan Approved

Therefore, all volunteers are to refill the missing information in the emptied or blank space and submit successfully


The Registration Portal Involves 3 Stages with 10 Questions, it is important all volunteers get acquainted with these stages and questions for a successful registration and to be qualified for the loan

Registration Involves 3 Stages with 10 Questions

As shown in the diagramme above, the registration portal consists of three stages:

UPDATE RECORD: All volunteers are to fill and update their profile record as a prerequisite for loan qualification and approval

EDIT DATA:  Exited volunteers can still go back and edit their profile should there is error or mistake in the previous record update

CHECK EXIT STATUS: This page will give you detail of your status if exit, for now, it is not updated yet

The Registration involves Ten (10) important Questions  

Volunteers must fill in all the empty fields and in particular, give precise answers to ten most important questions in the record update stage of the registration portal

We encourage volunteers to put YES in the following questions for the purpose of “quick loan approval”

Putting yes to the following question has a probability of 70% rate of success, meaning volunteers loan request may scale through with ease  


  1. How can somebody who has no job claim that he or she has one. After collecting the loan where will they pay back? The beneficiaries need being trained in a particular skill before given the said loan.


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