NExit Loan: Sadiya Bows To Pressure, Processed 309,040 Batch A and B Enrollee Into CBN Program

The Humanitarian Minister has rekindled the hope of over 300,000 batch A and B enrollee into the much-awaited CBN program in a bid to stop the massive protest coming up on the 20th of September 2021

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Sadiya Rekindles Hope pleads for calm and patient as the situation is under control, in no distant time, we will explain how the NEXIT CBN loan designed last year

 However, disengaged volunteers are not giving in to this promise, as it may turn out to be empty, just like others

Over 500,000 batch A and B enrollees of the Npower program were disengaged with the promise of providing them with various loan options, to access businesses

A NExit Portal was opened for volunteers to show interest last November 2020, but nothing was said about it, hence the September 20th protest

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Aim of the Pretest

  • The protest is gear towards persuading the office of the Humanitarian Minister alongside the Federal Government to execute the Nexit CBN programme as soon as possible, 500,000 exited beneficiaries remained desperate for not getting loans promised after opening the Nexit CBN loan portal 9 months ago
  • To pay up over 14,000 disengaged volunteers their 5 months owed stipends without any delay. They are owing 14,200 beneficiaries five months’ stipend but Sadiya Farouq keeps mute after making numerous promises without fulfilment
  • Fastract Batch C stream1 and 2 recruitment process without delay and political inculcation, batch C recruitment process is the longest and most delayed recruitment since the npower programme started. This must end  

“Npower Batch A and B who were engaged 2016 and 2017 respectively were disengaged since May 2020.

“While she launched another portal for exited Npower beneficiaries to apply for their exit package which the Federal government promised to give all the exited beneficiaries after serving for about three years.

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