In this society we live, there are so many superstitious believes or narratives that may hinder your plans and aspirations. These narratives are wrong in most cases. 

One of these narratives commonly talked about, is the dangers in some certain months of the year. There are twelve months in one calendar year. From January to December.

But the months with ember in them are seen as “the months of danger or evil months”.

Are ember months evil and dangerous? Why do people take precautions and fear these months more than other months of the year? These questions and answers may have some element of superstitious believes.

To some people, the months of January to August are safe and good months, well blessed by nature, free from Negativity. While the months of September to December are to be deadly.

Taboos You Should Break

  • The Ember months are characterized by high rate of accidents: This is NOT true, the Months of September to December are busy due to festivity, people travel form place to place to meet their loved ones.
  • Statistics from Federal Road Safety disclosed that, more accidents occurred from the months of January to August.
  • If you studied FRSC site for statistics on Accidents, there were No Air Crash, No Train Crash, Few Roads Accidents and No Sea Accidents from September to December as of last year.
  • Though there were more Roads mishaps due to recklessness of some Road users. Accidents on the roads are very common and they happen at any time of the year not necessarily in the Ember months.
  • You shouldn’t believe Ember months for accidents. Ember months are normal months. Road user should use the road with International Best Practices and care to avoid loss of lives and properties.

Taboos You Should Break

  • People usually say Mysterious Deaths happen during the Ember Months: This is NOT true. No time in the year where mysterious deaths don’t happened.  
  • The statistics on mortality in the country is not available to our disposal. No National Data Bank on the numbers and nature of the death recorded.
  • People create unnecessary fear in the hearts of many by dishing false and inaccurate information. The numbers of people that died from January to December mysteriously is no fault of Ember Months.
  • Ember Months are month for Ritual Killings: Totally false. Ritual killings should not affect Ember months alone.
  • News from online reports like Sahara Reporter, Nairaland and some National Dailies, have reported more of humans killed and vital body parts removed within the months of January to August compared to Ember months.
  • Some ritualists apprehended and their dens destroyed by men of the Nigerian police force. The most affected states are Ogun, Osun, Ondo, Oyo, Anambra, Abia and some states up North.
  • Most of these incidents happened early this year, few cases reported during the Ember months. It will be wrong to attribute Ember months for ritual killings.
  • Kidnappings Occur Mostly During Ember Months: NOT true. Kidnapping is a rampant situation, most of the failed kidnapped cases happened within the first and second quarter of the year.
  • As reported in many notable newspapers, most of the kidnapping are done by terrorist organization (Boko Haram). Some foreign nationals from North Korea, China etc. were kidnapped within the first and second quarter of the year. Yes, kidnapping is happening almost every month unreported. It is totally wrong to attribute it to Ember months.

Taboos You Should Break

  • Prices of Goods and Services Go High During Ember Months: This is False, prices of goods and services are controlled by the forces of demand and supply. When demand is high and Supply is less, the prices of goods and services skyrocket, this can happen at any time of the year.
  • Similarly, when demand is less and there is a glut in supply, prices fall. Demand and Supply are factors that determine Price, not Ember months per say.
  • Ember Months Comes with Fuel Scarcity: Not True, one cannot rule completely that Ember month comes with fuel scarcity. Those days when festive seasons are ruin by fuel scarcity are over.
  • The tide has changed. This present administration had corrected this anomaly. Even before then, there have been scarcity of Fuel, not just at Ember months.


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