After the sunshine, the evening glows with pride. The moon and stars make the night a lovely sight to behold. The dwindling strength wasted during the day is comes up. Prepared for the next day. 

And when the next day comes, more positive energy is visible. The routine activities of the day will run exclusively. Perhaps, the extra activities did at night, make the day perfect.

All work without play make Jake a dull ball, the saying goes. Extracurricular activities are one that all students must do.

A part of learning, that fast track emotional and physical wellbeing is paramount to all students. Extracurricular activities relax the brain, increase academic performance.

According to experts, a student who engages in one form of extra activities, stand a chance of being more flexible in reasoning. Agile in physical capability. And in the long run, maintain a healthy system.

The spirit, body and soul may not cope-up, if stressed up. Stress make students dull in academic activities, routine activities without play, reduce moral and confidence level.

In some cases, poor performance from students, is as a result of routine studies, where there are no activities to relax the body.

Some Experts View about Extracurricular Activities you Should Know

While these views may differ, it represents the true state on extra-curricular events on students.
Extra-curricular activities increases confidence: Students who engage in extra activities like sports, group play, etc have confidence more, compared with those who study books alone.


Confidence of being a high-flyer, the ability to know more than what is thought in class. Possessing extra-skills, the academic environment can provide.
Flexibility of Mind and Body: Continued class work bored students’ minds. When the mind is bored. The body response to academic work is poor.

The resultant effect may lead to tiredness; this has negative effect on performance. To prevent this, extra-curricular activities is a remedy that work like magic on students.

Exposes Students: Exposure comes, when one is not tired down doing one thing all the time. Some activities engaged on, will show you more about life.

More so, enlighten you sense of reasoning, improving your line of though and position. Your thought turns quit unique and better.


Great Academic Performance: Surely, students minds becomes more relax, and energies after extracurricular works. Studies will look fresh and cool in the brain as they read. Excellent and positive vibes sets in, calms the body and renew strengths.

Relieve Stress and Fear: Stressed dossed off when the mind and soul is calm. This is what a student needs to be successful in academy. Stress and pressure do more harm than good.

Some Extracurricular Activities that Best Fit Students

Sports: Not only do sports exercise the body, it prolongs life and gives positive vibes to our mental and physical health. According to medical science, anyone who engages in one form of sports, develop resistance to stress and fatigue.

Sports is universal, many talents are hidden in it. Some students get to take one form of sport as a future career, because not all classroom works will be used in the future.

Singing and Dancing: The music industry has seen huge improvement lately. Many celebrities from the society had succeeded via music and dance, a profitable venture. This extracurricular activity is gaining the ground in our educational system.

Encouraging students in regard to singing, dance boast their moral, according to experts, music calms the mind, alleviate the body and soul. Reduce stress and make one feel loved.

Comedy: Comedy provokes laughter; laughter is a language of happiness and joy, when students are express that inner joy, the soul and body get excited.

An atmosphere of excitement is healthy for students, extracurricular activities like this help students cope with difficult time.

Press Club: Here, students express their feelings and thoughts among their peers, discuss issues that borders them. They share their opinion and experiences. And build confidence among themselves.