Project Permanency: Drop Your Signatures as Volunteers Meet Senate President. See

  • West Wing of National Assembly to Host Volunteers and Lawmakers
  • Volunteers Engaged stakeholders for Support
  • Your Signatures Will go along, we will bombard all lawmakers’ pages with your signature

Project Permanency: Drop Your Signatures as Volunteers Meet Senate President: All is set to discuss with the third most powerful office in the country, the senate president had earlier promised to meet with N-power Volunteers 23rd of June 2020, to negotiate some deals. See

Fct volunteers in mass protested on the Federal Government planned disengagement of Batch A and B volunteers- A move that saw national criticism and protests

If the meeting is successful, there will be a reverse in the disengagement plan already carried out by the Office of Umar Sadiya Faroug, the present Ministry of Humanitarian Affairs, Disaster Management, and Social Development

It is now crystal clear, the national Assemble is aware of the plight of volunteers

Both the Reps and Senate have shown interest in npower matter, both houses have summoned the Minister of Humanitarian Affairs, Disaster Management, and Social Development-Umar Sadiya Farouq on issues hindering the growth of the programme

Senator Lawal Gumau, representing Bauchi south senatorial districts, made another plea to the legislative arm of government to pass a bill to the national assembly for retaining N-power volunteers as permanent staff of the programme

“Senator Lawal Gumau who is also the Chairman of the Senate Committee on Social Investments and Poverty Alleviation is suggesting to the Nigerian government to employ all the Npower beneficiaries into federal civil services in order to reduce the menace of high rates of unemployment among the teaming youths in the country”


Volunteers Reject GEEP Loan as Exit Package

GEEP loans are not meant for redundant and unexperienced entrepreneurs like N-power Volunteers, so Volunteers rejected the idea by the Finance Minster

A look at those on GEEP loan will tell you the experience and trauma that comes with it, not only will be loans be guided by stringent conditions but may drain the youths who are not ready for business

N-power Volunteers now Collaborating with Stakeholders

Npower Volunteers are now grounded with powerful and influential men to lobby and lure lawmakers as they meet the Lawan on Thursday for permanency, volunteers of the programme have contacted influential men to see to it accomplishment


The Nigeria Security and Civil Defence Corps become a realty via stakeholders who lured and lobby the law makers and the executive, if same method were done to Npower, volunteers would have gotten their employment latter long ago

Some powerful and influential men to speak behalf of volunteers are not opened to the public, but Formal President, who is currently an Election Observer in Mali, might be the Right man for the Job- rumor has it

Your Signatures Will Alert Our Senators

With all the dramas happening, it is crystal clear the Minister of Humanitarian Affairs, Disaster Management and Social Development, is not interested in the plight of volunteers’ welfare and stipends

With close to three months of unpaid stipends, why would she care to permanent volunteers and pay them permanently?

Volunteers need all the help they could get from lawmakers and the society at large

All volunteers are to get the attention of their senators in respect to this issue for massive support and passage.

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  1. We ask the FG of nigeria to tamper justice with mercy,the Npower Batch A&B had s had satisfied the requirement for absorbtion into civilservice.the had completed three years selfless services under the pain of #30k stipend.we ask FG to use they they good office to look into this matter.Don’t push npower back to the street fot for the fresh labour mkt.Npower A&B had served you well,why should you pay them with pain of dragging back to street?remember our graduates is the feature of nigeria.

  2. Save our soul.
    Federal goverment should reconsider the disengagement of Npower volunteers. To avoid more crime in the nation.
    Just imagine, only but 16 days of Npower batch C registration , data analysis have it that over 4 million unemployed graduates have applied, if this is the case. why then should federal government disengage the already employed five hundred thousand volunteer , what are there plan for there citizens,

    Take note.
    An idol man is the devil workshop
    If u can not employ Nigeria gradu

  3. #SAVEOURSOUL. I deem it pertinent for the FG and our dynamic and admirable Senators of the nineth assembly to critically elucidate and conscientize themselves on this issue, so as to coop with it before it will go out of hand. The after effect of npower volunteers disengagement of both batches will likely be liken to tsunami and typhones in other country. I pray our distinguish Senators and ebullient Representative members to please look inwardly to the renaisance of this tsunami that’s about hitting Npower volunteers of both batches. “What’s good for the goose is also good for the ganders”. Permanency our call, Permanency we stand. God bless Npower volunteers of batch A-B, God bless our Senators and Representative members, God bless Nigeria.

  4. Save our soul. Many of the npower beneficiaries are first class product, best graduating students, second class upper products and various qualified graduates from various Universities roaming the streets due to high rate of unemployment in the country. God smiled a bit on us through this transparent npower scheme by Mr President’s administration. Now they are planning to send us back to the streets. O God, please arise for our help speedily and save our soul. God bless npower. God bless Mr. President. God bless Nigeria.

  5. save our soul, I am a family man, I know the #30000 is still on the managing side, but it has gone a long way keeping my family from hunger, and not thinking to commit crime to feed, i have graduated for years now no job.


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