NYSC:Top 10 Reasons why Corpers Should Register for Npower Recruitment

NYSC:Top 10 Reasons why Corpers Should Apply for Npower Recruitment : The National Youth Service Corps (NYSC) is a mandatory one year programme every graduate from some higher institutions must embark. The programme is aimed at uniting the nation after the devastating civil war that racked the nation decades ago

NYSC is recognized by law (constitution) and well-funded from the nation’s annual or yearly budget, meaning, it is not a political programme, that can be changed by incoming government without proper consultation

The programme has some stimulus or palliative package of 33,000 naira, given to each member at the end of 30 days. Which some time is delayed.

There are some fundamental problems and issues relating to the NYSC programme, while some corps members will be lucky securing their dream jobs after or during service year, many will be jobless and may roam the street in search for better life, at the end of the service year  

In this article, we will tell you why corps members from the NYSC programme can register for the next npower Recruitment/Registration

As we all know, the Npower recruitment for 2020/2021 will soon commence, and as occasion will demand, many unemployed graduates will hit the cyber café for registration.

Corps members still serving or about to serve can  opt in for this great exercise, your way to empowerment for those who seek some would be materialized if given the opportunity to be in this programme


The number of serving corps members that register for the 2016/2017 batch A and B were scanty, most of the Serving corps scales through, perhaps the programme is in need of fresh and capable hands to mount the Nteach aspect

Top 10 Reasons why Corps Members Should Apply for Npower Recruitment

It has been proven, 85% of Corps members after their POP remain jobless for years, some ware/are not aware of an Npower programme the government has avail for them

To this end, will like to bring to your notice, Click here to know all about npower registration why all interested serving or about to serve corps members should take the opportunity and register for the next incoming recruitment programme

Let see some Ten (10) tops reasons why all Serving corps members should apply for the next Npower recruitment exercise

  • Stipends of N30, 000/Month Awaits You: You would be paid N30, 000 which is less than your NYSC stipends of N33,000 per month, but will span for more than one (1) year. The Nysc is a year programme, but the npower programme is for two (2) Years, and even more. Am sure every corpers want to continue receiving stipends especially, when the dream job is on the pipe coming

see https://myeduproject.com.ng/npower-see-the-rep-and-senator-in-favor-of-permanency-bill

  • Temporary Job: The Npower Programme is a temporary or short term job, lingering for two (2) or more years as the situation may demand.  Currently, Batch As is still in the programme even after completing the mandatory two years. So instead of sitting jobless after your service year, the Npower programme avails you the opportunities to be relevant and productive by giving you a short-term empowerment/job  

See https://myeduproject.com.ng/nysc-covid-19-corper-bassey-donates-his-march-stipends-to-fight-virus

  • Part Time Hustle: This is a part time hustle, as there will be much time for other businesses. If you make your calculations well, you may be doing other jobs while being on Npower. Unlike the NYSC, that would require your full time and presence, the NPOWER programme will avail you spare time. We all know time is precious and money at the same time.

Top 10 Reasons why Corps Members Should Register for Npower Recruitment

  • Investing Your Time (Avoid Time Wastage): After the mandatory one year NYSC service year, many graduates see themselves doing nothing, thus wasting productive time and chances. When you register for the incoming recruitment, and God answered you call, your time will be invested in a productive venture that will see you gaining the ground, meeting people and attaining height as time passes by.

  • Sharpening Your Skills: In addition, your skills will be top-notch, especially when you are in N-teach, N-health and N-agro, N-tech, N-build etc. Who knows? Your next employer will find you via your npower skills. You tend to get wealth of experience even while you are paid.

  • Gaining Experience: the Nysc programme will not give you the much needed experience needed to get the much awaited or competitive jobs. But the Npower Programme, if well attended to, may be the last “straw to break the Camel’s back”

See https://myeduproject.com.ng/nysc-mega-camp-permanent-orientation-camp-commissioned-by-obiano

  • Increasing Your Job Prospects: Gaining experience and sharpening your skills is sure way to increase your popularity in the job market. Getting the right skills and expertise will not only increase your chances of getting a good job but will place you above applicants with higher certificates
  • Self-Dependent: The programme gives you the opportunity to be self-dependent; you don’t need to be asking for money from friends or family members before attending job interviews or buying basic necessities of life.

  • High Self Esteem: Not only would you be respected in the society but your prestige as a person would be respected.
  • You would be Given Device: An IPAD device would be given to free at no cost, when you make your self available for the programme. these devises will aid you in your job, and will become yours after the programme


  1. Thanks so much for the information!
    Please, in the N-teach, I heard discharged NYSC certificate is required and I’m still serving currently, though I would round off by Oct. this year. In this case, what advice do you have for me? Thanks!

    • Feranmi, You dont need to wait, register as soon as possible, Final list will be out by November or December.

    • Vera quickly go ahead and apply, no one knows when verification would commence, it took batch B one year before starting work

  2. I submitted without uploading nysc cert, “on process” that’s what i chose, hope it’s not gonna affect my application? Can u still edit after submission?


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